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12 people die in Paraguay because of respiratory virus infection


May 21, 2019, 08:42Asunción, May 21 (Prensa Latina) The number of people killed until early May increased by 12 to respiratory viruses, the sources were informing the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MsyBs).

Health authorities called for children and the elderly to attend the proposed vaccination sites because the consultations with the hospital for this cause were increasing every day.

Experts believed that the arrival of winter released respiratory diseases across the country, particularly children and older people.

According to the Meteorology Directorate, next week will be a new cold front entrance which will be installed for several days.

Health Surveillance data shows that consultations for flu-like illnesses (ETI) at a national level have accumulated since the start of the year and up to May 4, a total of 210,000 636.

Experts from that entity said the trend was higher than the seasonal threshold.

The notice of consultations amounts to 13,000 761 cases a week across the country, according to the report of the sentinel centers (referral hospitals).

On the other hand, until the beginning of May, 1,892 people were admitted to hospital because of acute acute respiratory infections (SARI).

The Health Surveillance data estimates that viral circulation is increasing and last week, the prevalence of respiratory syncytial virus could be identified, followed by a smaller proportion of human metapnewmovirus.

This year the Government purchased a million 200,000 flu vaccines for the risk group.

According to MsyBs so far, 522,000 288 doses have been applied, equivalent to around 40 per cent of the public target of babies, older people and people with chronic diseases.

Health authorities recalled that the vaccination was annual and provided protection after two weeks of administration.

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