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10 recommendations to visit Midnight Museums «Diario de Radio U Chile


This year, the cultural places that have been written at Midnight Museums (MDMN) are 160, which correspond to 43 per cent more than in the previous version. In addition, it will be held for the first time in each region of Chile and more than 50,000 visits are expected.

Friday, November 16, 2018 12:37 hours.

midnight museums

With a free cultural board board, November 16, from 18:00 a.m. At 00:00 a.m., the Midnight Museums citizen party will take place in the Metropolitan region, and this 2018 came to 70 panoramas between cultural centers and circuits.

In the city's heart, the National Museum of Natural History and the Museum of China's Pre-Columbian Art, Post Office and Chile Telegraph Post Office join for the first time, with a lightweight exhibition in its central position. In addition, guided walks of the country's post history, its museum filatelic areas and the postal and telegraph service areas will be held.

Another of the debutors of this version is the "Manos and the Wall" mural circuit, the Society for Inclusive Culture Mu.Cho. A series of six murals has been translated through tactile plates specifically designed for blind and visually impaired people.

Here, other alternatives:

Museum of Chemistry and Pharmacy
(Merced 50, Santiago)

The University of Chile protects memory of studying Chile's Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Museum of Visual Arts
(José Victorino Lastarria 307, Santiago)

At 6:00 pm, at the Mulato Plaza Gil de Castro, music with DJ Latin Bitman and mural interference by the urban artist Cucho Avendaño, who will do large-scale work that includes 40 sq.m. 40 50 x 50 cm, who will give it up at the end. This activity is part of Barrio Arte.

Site of Memory Ex Clinica Santa Lucía
(Saint Lucia 162, Santiago)

From 18:00 a.m. hours there will be guided tours through the house, where visitors are told about the building's history of construction to date, highlighting the period when the clinic worked during the military head. taking into account human rights.

Saint Lucy

Casa Colorada Gallery
(Merced 860, Santiago)

Oriel Casa Colorada supports artistic expressions that reflect the experience of living in the urban area.

Gallery of the Corregidor
(Esmeralda 749, Santiago)

At 7:00 p.m. there will be a "From the Ramadas to Barrio Esmeralda" tour. Through this activity, visitors will be learning about the local history of the old locality of the Las Ramadas to the existing Esmeralda neighborhood established in the mid-20th century, as well as knowing the architectural and proprietary value of Posada del Corregidor

China Pre-Columbian Art Museum
(Banner 361, Santiago)

Guided tours, book sales and short film display will be part of this activity. The museum is home to the richness and diversity of our history.

Museum of Memory and Human Rights.
(Matucana 501, Fifth Normal)

The statement "Geometry of consciousness" by Alfredo Jaar, the "Indigenous Memorias" exhibition and the presentation of the "La perdida de todo" dance, will be part of this event.

museum cof

Park for Peace Villa Grimaldi
(José Arrieta Avenue 8401, Peñalolén)

At 7:00 pm there will be a testimonial tour around the memory site. The case allows you to know the place of history by remembering the victims of state terrorism carried out during the civic-military dictatorship. The exhibition "For dignity and justice. Visual memory of the dictatorship in the eighties". The exhibition, which includes photographs by the artist Kena Lorenzini, will include the accompaniment reported by former prisoners by Villa Grimaldi.

Artquin Museum
(Avenida Portales 3530, Fifth Normal)

On the occasion you can travel on a permanent exhibition of light and shade, with significant contemporary art work by artists such as Iván Navarro, Dan Flavin, Eliasson Olafur and Joseph Kosuth.


Recoleta Dominica Agricultural Library
(Recoleta Avenue 683, Recoleta)

A tour of the "Metropolis" artist's book, a 60 meter book. Linear that includes 303 prints of artists from different countries, including Chile. There will also be stories, stories, stories and sprayers, with the La Circocracia and Jacara Cuentos companies.

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