Friday , September 30 2022

10 recommendations to prevent accidents when installing Christmas lights | National


Information from Javiera Videla / ADN News.

Inappropriate handling of Christmas decorations, burning by contacting existing items and buying unsupported items, Here are some of the most common mistakes when using Christmas decorations.

These suggestions and recommendations have been submitted by the company ENTER the Energy Ministry:

1. – Buy the thickest cable jails, the ones that are present thin cable is cut, crack or melting due to the current roll.

2.- When using the same stones the previous year, make sure the cables are do not cut or spray. Otherwise, get rid of them.

3.- Do not overload the electrical installation of the house with excessive Christmas decorations, to avoid overheating the cables, lights and Easter tree.

4.- Do not decorate the trees of the outdoor gardens, as these are usually watered and drained, which increases the likelihood of electricity being used.

5.- No reason to make temporary installations inside the house if you do not have technical support. These can be flawed and cause accidents or fatal fires in homes.

6.- Be careful when using and installing extended chords and shoes. Not only do you run the risk of overloading, but also the Children and pets can be blocked and are at risk of being affected.

7.- You must also certify extended cords to ensure they are quality and avoid overcrowding cables.

8.- Make sure the chords do not have cuttings, folds or naked wires and that the plug is in it good conditions

9.- Look at the alveoli from the extension, those that need to be protected, so that metal elements can be introduced inside.

10.- Avoid using triphylaxis and quadruples because they overload the electric system from home

So far, 55 shops that sell Christmas decorations have been inspected and 41 do not comply with security regulations, and around 75% of establishments The Christmas lights do not have the minimum security permit.

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