Tuesday , August 9 2022

10 apps to fight allergy in spring


pollen allergies

Green flowers and allergies too. The spring is coming and it's increasingly common to hear sneezes and see red noses everywhere. Have spent money on handkerchiefs and medicines? TreceBits offers you the top 10 applications to avoid, as far as possible, the symptoms of your cheating.

With these applications you will be able to make the allergy a less boring discomfort

– Pollen Information: Although it is able to use this application in French only, our app is intuitive and easy to use. With levels 0 to 3 it shows how many members are in zones, helping to avoid places that can cause nasal obstruction, among other symptoms.

– Pollen control: t This app is available in Spanish. Created by Almirall together with the Spanish Allergyology and Clinical Immunology Association (SEAIC), it has knowledge of most provinces in the national territory. Checking the levels of environmental pollen in it is quick and easy.

– eltiempo.es: As well as having weather forecasts, in this app you can find pollen levels and their concentration in each of the provinces of Spain. Complete application where they exist.

– Pollen levels: Pollen levels can be checked with data based on information from SEAIC, the Junta de Andalucía, Extremadura, Castilla León and the Community of Madrid. With 85 measuring stations evaluating 50 pollen classes, this app gives the best information in the service of the user.

-PollenChek: Do you want to travel but are you worried that pollen won't let you enjoy your holiday? PollenChek has pollen measurements in most European countries. In addition, we provide data on the plant's account.

– Pollen: The Austrian Pollen Alert Service from the University of Vienna, along with other local and international organizations, provides a pollen forecast for the next three days in any part of the continent in this app. It includes the option to organize reminders to visit the expert before the situation gets worse.

– Return: The contents of the Earth's atmosphere pollen can be consulted through the application designed by the National Aerobiology Network's National Co-ordination Center (REA). With color scale design you can get information about pollen levels from zones.

– Zensei: Taking control of the medication and symptoms of your allergy is easier with Zensei. Depending on the level of current risk you can dose the medication and reduce the risk of more symptoms thanks to this request.

– R-Alergo: Walking through Valencia will be more comfortable and allergic healthier for the user of this application. Routes with fewer members are shown on your screen with environmental parameters that will help you avoid sneezing in this city.

– RxMindMe: This application provides an alarm that alerts you when you should take the medication, the elderly will appreciate this reminder to not suffer more symptoms than they should.

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