Friday , December 4 2020


Tele2 sells operations in Germany

Tele2 sells its operations in Germany. Stock Photography.Image: Janerik Henriksson / TT Telecommunications company Tele 2 sells its operations in Germany to German Tele 2 management. The value of the company totals …

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First image of the upcoming Realme Race – with a new Snapdragon 569613 News false Realme is getting ready for a race [{ msrc: ‘’, src: ‘’, osrc: ‘’, w: 950, h: 560, title: ‘ ‘ },] Source link

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Norway is asking for more money

Norwegians vd Jacob Schram.Image: Fredrik Hagen / AP / TT The Norwegian airline, which is in crisis, is now fishing for more capital to survive. In a press release, Norway writes that …

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