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ZTE is considering a display curtain for the ear


The natural evolution of the note is the punch hole. All this can be explained by searching for a smartphone that is full screen. Well, at least get as close to it as possible. Bezels, as we know, is a thing of the past, and we will have to be used to smart phones with a bell, or holes in their exhibitions, to make the most of screen and screen real estate ratios to body Samsung and Huawei are competing directly as they become the first maker to issue a smartphone with a purpose hole for the camera's display.

However, holes in the display do not necessarily need to be connected to the camera. According to the recently filed ZTE patent, the phone maker considers a screen cut that will set the cushion. In this way ZTE could erase the highest bezel, and get as close as possible to the smartphone of each screen. The drawings in the patent file do not reveal a camera that is facing a front, which can mean that the phone does not have one at all, or it may be behind the screen, which is still age more exciting and pushing the envelope.

The usual advice needs to be said about doubt: just because of a patent, it does not mean that we will see products that are commercially available like this soon, if any. What it means, however, is that ZTE is considering it.

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