Thursday , September 29 2022

You can now buy a $ 29 USB-C fast chargers Apple


After releasing its official iPhone XR cases today, Apple has also added another new accessory to the Apple Store: a 18 wat USB-C power adapter. The USB $ C USB charger can be used to lift your iPad (or iPhone) quickly, if you lose the charger the same as to transport.

Previously, your only new replacement replacement by Apple was to buy one of USB-C Mac adapters – starting at $ 49 – for a USB-C 30W adapter usually being transported with MacBooks. The newer, less expensive chargers mean that you can quickly pick up your XS, XR, and X, iPhone, although it can be complicated. Along with the $ 29 charger, you have to continue to spend another $ 19 on Apple's official USB-C to Lightning cable for a quick Cupertino working charging solution on your iPhone.

Historically, every iPhone that has supported fast charging (since the iPhone 8/8 Plus) did not bring a fast charger, so this presents the option for iPhone owners to join the fast-charging bandwagon, almost all of Android's leading phone owners have been.

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