Friday , August 19 2022

Yep, Intel will be late to Plaid 5G


Adding to the perception that it is struggling to compete at this age that is always associated, Intel 5G technology will be late and will not appear in smartphones and other mobile devices until 2020.

The news came, unexpectedly, during an Intel media event before MWC (prior to Global Mobile Congress). According to reports of the incident, an Intel representative admitted that the company does not expect to see "market users" products based on its 5G chipsets until 2020. That's at least a year after the rest of the market.

And that's a problem for Apple, who had all of its iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR of Intel laggard modems after she can get an agreement with competing Qualcomm, and has been enthusiastic in a number of legal battles. Intel's modems are slower than Qualcomm, and when iPhones was transported by Apple with both modem types in 2017, it had to slow down the Google based iPhones to ensure that Not all customers have similar experiences.

The latest latest Intel is expected, so Apple has been shopping around another 5G modem partner since its 2019 iPhones fall behind the rest of the market. According to reports, he has talked to MediaTek and another Samsung-company Apple has had a number of legal battles.

Bloomberg reported that Apple iPhones 2019 would not contain 5G compatibility. Thanks to this embarrassment, Apple has started an engineering effort to create its own modem chipsets in the future, but this work will not pay for years to come. Anyway, it is understandable why Apple might want to get rid of Intel itself.

Having said that, this is not all the bad news for Intel. The company noted that Apple's legal problems with Qualcomm had created an opening for Intel, and would not set its partners a reasonable Approved licensing costs.

"Our model compares with[Qualcomm] totally different, "said Intel Chief Executive Bob Swan." This is not a licensing model. Relative numbers that are charged against the cost of the whole device, that is the model that, as you know, has caused a great deal of friction in the market. Flinting for others is an opportunity for us. "

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