Friday , August 19 2022

Xiaomi Mi 9, a transparent edition, special 7P f / 1.47 camera will have


It's probably difficult to remember, but before the public discloses today's announcements, Xiaomi has also revealed Mi 9. This phone number also contains a special edition that is not transparent is currently available in China.

We already knew that it would boast 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, as well as a back design that shows some components under the glass – although these are not the real ones, think you , you would need internal redesign. Alita Battle Angel is inspired by the appearance, it's similar, but there is another difference between this version and Mi 9 vanilla.

According to this slide shown in the presentation, the Mi 9 Transgender edition (known as Mi 9 Explorer) will have a special camera with open f / 1.47 and 7P lens. 7P means that the lens will actually have 7 optical elements – usually endless cameras have 5P or 6P lenses, but Xiaomi went a step further.

It is not clear which one of these three archers will be, but we assume (and hopefully) that this is the main one – with a resolution of 48 MPs and the Sony detector IMX586 .

This means that the 9 Transmitter edition will be installed in much more light than the fanilla version, and more than any of the current competitors – if it's just with hair. Still expect to see even even better photography coming out of this 9th variation.

I'm charged at CNY 3,999, which currently equates to about $ 595 or € 524. I hope the company will decide to sell it outside the home market as well.

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