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XBox One Black Desert Preview – Road Trading to Top


XBox One Black Desert Preview - Road Trading to Top

When I checked online for Black Desert Online for PC a few years ago, it was accidentally guided by how beautiful it looked. Black Desert Online is a difficult one and one of the spectacular visual games in the genre, which is why I never thought it could work at a time at a time.


Quickly a few years later and Black Desert is now open beta on the Xbox One – probably the console back then I did not think it had ever had a chance to break down. Now in an open beta, Black Desert is a version of the massive built-in Pearl Abyss franchise franchise for Microsoft console. And with the Xbox One X 4K gameplay mode, the studio wants to make players most of the most of their investments. We had the opportunity to go hand in hand with the Black Desert on Xbox One X this week and it was an experience that enabled me and was surprised for more whenever I put it down.

Play in the Sandbox

The Black Desert helps you with questions around the Black Spirit that occupy you, but soon after you notice that so much more do it or question it. Each large Black Desert system plays the rest, such as collecting food for cooking, or how farm plants are affected by the groundwater and moisture of the area itself. Black deserts are huge global sandboxes, and the one we really have not seen on the console so far. Certainly, huge games have been released, such as the latest game by Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2, but there is something about the satisfaction of spending hours to kill that wild horse you've been stalking make that time worthwhile.

And in fact, that's a key aspect: Black Desire will guide you time to go go. And unfortunately, apart from fighting these systems, these are not well explained in the game. However, as it has been out on PC for many years now, there are many resources for learning. There is a shame that is not in the game right.

For me, God's desert has always been exploring and making my opinion on the world – whether it's a merchant selling goods around the world, or a horse breeder, or a warrior that simply fights and completes & # 39 ; the diverse quests that the Desert Du has. The world is in full detail, of the Twrcan-inspired houses in the cities to the great castles such as the one in the world of Heidel, Black Desert online, it's not disappointing.

Stunning Statement

Remember when I mentioned that I was not sure that Black Desert would always work on the console? I was even more surprised when I gave her the best for the first time and I was congratulated with 60 photos frames. Now, this 60fps is not completely fixed, it often goes into the middle of the legs during some fighting, but during the vast majority of gameplay, I noticed that it was running the frame instead of & All. Although in an open beta, it will be interesting to see if this is improving over time.

The Black Desire allows you to turn an indigenous 4K resolution (although it needs to be restarted to execute), but after 30fps off. However, this method was incredible for me, as it consistently turned into the decades of low 20s / high. 4K looks incredible, but until it is optimized, this is not the way we choose to play Black Desert on Xbox One X.

Visually, the Black Desert looks incredible – and I do not say that lightly. However, there are many people in, especially near the player and the highly detailed cities that dot the world. Although the new PC versions of a new File look better, Black Desert is still one of the best games on Xbox to date. The character creator is also presented in its full glory, allowing you to completely adjust your avatar, from the height of its luggage to the fingertips. Admittedly, the use of habits in the character creature is a bit hard at the beginning, and it has not clearly labeled where you are going to start changing the individual parts of the character (you need to draw up to the camera icon when you are in the creator) but once you're hanged, the results can be quite unique. The Black Desert has one of – if not the – most complete character creators in any game, and although it is a pity that the classes are locked on the basis of sex, there is enough to customize it to them. displayed.

But How Do I Deal With It?

Speaking about classes, Black Desert launches on Xbox One with only six classes: Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress, Berserker, Witch and Wizard – although more will be added down the road. The PC version is sporting more than 10 different classes, and although some of them make clear efforts when providing different people for the same roles, the lack of variety on Xbox feels a little restricted to the bats.

On a computer, I play mainly as a sorceress, so I got that class out first to see how well the fight matches gamepad. The computer battle has always been the highlight of the Black Desert Online – the mouse and keyboard setting is a victory, another action RPG has not repeated. And most of that, that feeling is saved on Xbox One.

Using a combination of face buttons, a trigger and a bumper, Black Fighting fighting can be quite easy off the fingers. Playing like a Sorceress, the sudden slashes were mixed with fast boats and energy blows felt very satisfying. My sister is accused of a group of enemies, holding them off watching while I tie a big strike after the strike of my sword.

However, the Ranger is the class that I spend most time with her. Something was really exciting about rounding 15 enemies, jumping back and while still in the air, peppering the ground with a sea of ​​arrows, landing and falling straight into a knee and in a shoot more arrows The Black Desert fighting is slic, fluid and exciting – and it perfectly matches a game pad.

That is not to say that the management plan does not have its issues. A small finger from the right-handed phone will turn your camera to your point of way, which can be extremely annoying in combat heat. Early on the Holy Spirit, tell you to catch "A" to move faster, but in fact LT must sprain it. Many Black Desert menus are hidden in the D-Pad-related Ring Menus, giving you quick access to bots, crafting menus, your skills, the map and more. Here's the only way to access some menus at all, such as the above-mentioned craft menu as there is no space in the boot menu. You can also tie emotes to the menus by calling that, which means that you can give that person over.

As I moved my backyard in recent days, I examined the map on my new car, I crossed the main city of Heidel near the center of the map. I realized on stabilizing my body that I had not done any quests in about two hours – I simply explored and set resources goals with employees to collect materials for me. Incredible as the battle, God's Desolation is so much more than that. And as she comes to Open Beta on the Xbox One, it will be interesting to see how the economy and the community evolve with the world from its scope. I know I'll be there, farming and horse breeding my way to the top.

Access to the Open Beta was provided by PR and Developer for forecast purposes.

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