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Xbox Live with Gold Games: free Xbox One games for January 2019


The Xbox Games were announced with Gold for January 2019, with some recent visits and older classics in the mix for the latest batch of free Xbox One download titles.

Although many of us will not wrap new video games on Christmas Day courtesy of some generous friends, getting some more free download will definitely not hurt.

Remember that if you are a member of Xbox Live Gold, there is time to download the December Games with Gold, with the first person Porth-esque QUBE 2 available until December 31 and atmospheric platform Never just rest for free until January 15.

In December, Microsoft also saw the original Xbox title in the Mercenaries category: Playground Destruction in the Games with the Gold line until December 31. The 2005 action adventure title plays back on compatible Xbox One.

Here's a list of Xbox Live Games with Gold for January, with links to the list of each game on the Xbox website.

Xbox One

Celeste: January 1 – January 31

Celeste offers a post-level level of challenge

This challenging pixel art platform puts you in Madeline's shoes that have to graduate Celeste Mountain. At all short levels the masterpiece of mid-air dashes and restricted wall climbing is required.

Although you can hit the level of thanks to the game Help Live, more hard players can unlock even more difficult versions of Celeste steps. The game waived a compliment for his gameplay and an attractive story to plan well.

World Rally Championship 6: January 16 – February 15

Put the metal pedal at WRC 6

If you want to get your hands dirty with some fast and fierce racing, WRC 6 should get enough for you to keep in a number of routes, licensed vehicles and rallies of the 2016 season.

Xbox 360

Lara Croft: Light Guardian: January 1 – January 15

Team up or go individually at Lara Croft: Guardian of Light

This turns away from the Tomb Raider series giving Lara Croft an isometric arcade action adventure with some light puzzle solutions. Unique playable or fantastic in a two-player co-op (both locally and online), the game sees Lara joining the ancient Mayan war Totec to defeat Xoloti's evil spirit and enjoy hidden.

Far Cry 2: January 16 – January 31

Far Cry 2 added a host of new features to the series

Far Cry 2 fully-restored FPS Ubisoft copyright, with new characters and mechanics as well as adding open open space to audit. These changes would form the blueprint for the series going on, leading to the recently established formula found in the recent Cry Cry 5.

Replacing an African fictional state, FC2 sees the player responsible for the elimination of weapons soldier of the name Jackal who has been selling both sides of war between prisoners trying to manage country.

There is a heavy dose of reality, with leaks degraded over time, a dynamic weather system and even malaria to fight with, which means that the composer has to take medication regularly in real time periods to get into symptoms.

How do Xbox games with Gold work?

As a reward for keeping their Xbox Live Gold subscription, the members will have two free Games with Gold per month for a limited time on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The titles & # 39 ; ranging from older AAA and indie cult labels hanging to undergraduate games and – occasionally occasionally – brand new relief.

The two free Xbox 360 games are compatible with the Xbox One, which means that Microsoft current console owners can have four free games every month effectively.

The things you have is to keep them, even if you canceled your Xbox Live Gold subscription after downloading. Select the Gold & # 39; tab; on your Xbox One or Xbox 360. Alternatively, you can use the Xbox website.

Even if you have not upgraded to Xbox One again, you can continue to support those games for free as long as you have an Xbox Live Gold account. Just sign up to the Xbox website, go to the list listing page and release the offer. Then the game will appear in the list # Ready to install & # 39; the consol that you'll buy Xbox One in the future.

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