Wednesday , April 14 2021

Winnipeg letter bomber convicted a lawyer costing her hand to be sentenced

WINNIPEG – Manitoba will be guilty of sending bombs to his ex-wife and two lawyer learning today how long it will be behind bars.

The Crown is seeking a life sentence to Guido Amsel, who was convicted of four charges of murder and many other offenses earlier this year.

The defense has requested a sentence between 20 and 25 years.

, Who is 52, sent letters bombs to his ex-wife, Iris, and two Winnipeg lawyer who represented her in summer 2015.

One of the devices went away, causing serious injuries to the lawyer Maria Mitousis, who lost his right hand in the explosion.

Amsel testified during the trial that he was established by his ex-wife and others, and the evidence was planted.

Mitousis told the court in his statement that his victim's impact was that Amsel's actions were distressed.

"I'm wearing scars and the explosion on my face and on my body," he said.

He said after the sentence ended, she intended to move on to her life, continue to return to the work and give Amsel behind her.

"After this I stopped, I'll forget and it will disappear from consciousness."

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