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Winnipeg Blue Bombers concentrates one game at a time when trying to get the Gray Cup


Las Winnipeg Bombers are improving the moment as they get closer to the end of the 28-year Gray Cup Drought in Winnipeg, but players do not put the weight on a Sunday big game; w arrived.

"Well, I mean it's exciting but at the same time, we're just passing 1 and 0 every week," said Adam Bighill.

"It's an easier way to focus on winning that next game and you know that the future will look after it".

The Bombers were back at the Field Investors Group on Wednesday for their first home practice since they beat Saskatchewan Roughriders 23-18 in the western half of the Western Division last Sunday at a Regina Mosaic Stadium. That victory was the first playoff win for the Bombers since 2011, as they beat Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Evening Sunday's success is even greater than the fact that it marked the first time the Bombers defeated Saskatchewan in the playoffs since 1965.

"We believe that, but we know that this happens with one day at a time, giving work at work," said Bighill.

The Bombers go to Calgary to face Sunday Stampers in the West End final. The time of the game is 3:30 p.m. CST.

Although it is an exciting time for the team and supporters, Calgary's bike will take some work.

The last time the Bombers and Stampeders met in the playoffs in the Gray Cup 2001, when Calgary beat the Winnipeg team.

"Yeah Calgary is a different challenge, I mean that you're going against one of the best defenses in the league," said Bighill.

"They're a well-trained team, definitely a different game and a different opponent, we just go out and keep what we've been doing."

QB Matt Nichols talks about doing the job:

QB Matt Nichols's Winnipeg Green Bombers question media areas after practicing on Wednesday. 13:31

Reversing bombers, Andrew Harris, who led CFL in blocking the second straight period, know that Calgary's defense will give a tough test. In two games against the Stamps this season – one wins and one lost – he rushed for just 99 yards at 22 cars, below his average season.

"I mean, I think every team is difficult, we will not say that one is tough than the other but they definitely bring a different dynamic in how they play Protect them a bit more sound, and there are a bit more there, they have great defensive players, "says Harris.

"We need to be better on running than we have in this season against them and you know it's just a step-off football game against This is a really important team. "

& # 39; Only focus is on Calgary & # 39;

Quarterback Matt Nichols has shaken off any previous statistics, saying that this will not affect their Sunday game.

"The past does not influence what this game is, so I do not have any of those issues, I believe that it is for other people to talk about it and At the moment Calgary is the only focus this week is trying to get the job, "said Nichols.

"I'm all, all the football is right now."

The Bombers have not won the CFL title since 1990 when they have defeated B.C. Lions in the Gray Cup.

"Focus on the opponent goes anywhere beyond Calgary, there is no opponent if you do not beat Calgary," says coach head of Mike O's Shea after practicing Wednesday .

"I believe that the focus must be exactly right now. Letting the plays, footers and focus should not go anywhere we have in the period we not in. "

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