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Winner & Survivor David vs. Goliath & # 39; Term 37


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Survivor supporters, meet their new champion: Nick Wilson, the public defender of Kentucky and the only surviving member of David's consignment, is winner Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Nick won the title of Sole Survivor at the end of the two-hour final, where he lost an unexpected key call at Davie Rickenbacker, who took part in Alison Raybould, and was not quite-paid, and sent Kara Kay to his stage Form The last four-fire challenge, which is new Survivor staple since the 35st season. With those three opponents out of the way and three consecutive immunity challenges wins under his belt, Nick walked from the final Tribal Council of the season with enough votes in his party win the title, defeating Mike White's long-time allies and Angelina Keeley from Goliath's Goliath.

"I'm going through tons of shortcomings in this game," said Nick before the final vote, and asked for his case to the jury. "This is what I've never known: fight my way out of battles. I've done all my life."

How did Nick fight his way through? Survivor difficult? The story begins with the opening moments of the season, soon after David vs. Goliath The theme was revealed, when Nick informed the carer and executive producer, Jeff Probst, about the biblical journey of David under the king's wood. In fact to that arc, Nick is now the proud owner of David vs. Goliath crown and a million dollar prize that accompanies it.

It was not an easy way, certainly not at the beginning, with both literal and strategic storms strangely through the 39-day battle. Indeed, based on a number of accounts, Nick was almost walking away from the first premium of the season as the first player was voted out of the season – a fate he could have suffered if he did not want to wake up the shocking medical remedies of Pat Cusack, which saved the fact that Davids had to attend Tribal Council. For his part, in an interview in the game with The Hollywood Reporter, Nick claimed that he would have survived that first voting: "I would have been sure to have votes at the first Tribal Council, and I'm glad we did not go, but I can not count on six votes."

Nick changed luck quickly when he contacted the scientist Robot Christian Hubicki, the Dixon to Mason. Both joined with others on David's removal to eliminate Jessica Peet, the first person of the season voted, although the second person had been eliminated due to Pat's medical crisis. A later voting, the David and Goliath tribes abolished, spreading the players into three new groups. After the interchange, Nick saw himself an old Goliath purple on the new Jabeni tribe, alongside the natural power of Natalie "Napalm" Cole, voted the first person from this group, jacket and everyone.

During Jabeni's days, Nick contacted Mike White's film producer who formed the league of two people known in most circles such as "The Rockstars" and next to corners Survivor fandom like "The Cats." (Regarding the number of Nick appointments given to his conferences, he told them THR: "I started to name allies just to have fun, then I noticed that Elizabeth and Christian felt very close with me, and began to think whether the nominee of the alliance had anything to do. no, at least she was fun to call Dixon, Christian or to beat an air guitar with Mike. ") Rockstars, as well as Angelina, have survived Jabeni jungle with each other, taking Lyrsa Torres in what they described as the "most important" vote of the game – a skeptical idea at the time, but less so now, seeing that Nick, Mike and Angelina has finished in the last three with each other.

Having said that, these three players were not always voting with each other through a post-merger period and the game, as Nick himself expresses inflammation for Goliath to play a ball with old Davids. "The Goliaths would walk out to the beach and speak and engage with each other for hours," he said THR. "The frustrating part for me was that they did not even hide it, and it was almost offensive."

The foundations found causing injuries against Goliath, as Nick became a driving force in David temporarily back. Firstly, a engineer assisted a minority ballot scheme among where Nick, Davie and three Christian votes would be enough to pay attention to John Hennigan, the wrestler called "Mayor of Slamtown", despite a total of 12 votes in play. In the next round, Nick used a hidden advantage to bring a ballot from Alison, turning the majority back to David's load and guaranteeing the deletion of Dan Rengering, alias "Hot Cop," which was more seriously attributed popular to the historic idol playing a counter by Carl Boudreaux.

"I was eager to divert who we were voting for in the hope of climbing Dan to play his idle on Alison," said Nick THR about the strategy behind polling balloon. "If Dan played his second moment on Alison, Jeff would not reveal that an idle lover had been played, or even existed, and the vote would bring all the credit for the big move."

After removing John and Dan, David's coalition recruited the rest of the players into a single-round folding, suffering from the animal and animal threat Alec Merlino. With the most three men Goliath out of the game in backup votes, it looked like a smooth sailing to Davids … the perfect occasion for an unexpected storm, in Christian form and Gabby Pascuzzi turns away from Davids to fall Carl, one of Nick's nearest allies. (Nick and Carl acted as "The Rattlers," by the end David vs. Goliath winner, despite the name that would never fly on television.)

In Nick's eyes, a Christian was moving against Carl was an obvious contravention of the "Mason-Dixon Line", ending with bringing his / her partnership. His opportunity for a fine coincided with Gabby's own wish to vote out Christian, although the assault was successfully defended when a Christian had branded an idol deep inside his shoe cuts; Instead, Gabby was initially a victim of anti-Christian counterpart Nick.

A voting later, Nick went to warn Christian from the game, but not without a serious cost: his own secret immune moment, won two episodes earlier. Immediately before the last seven Tribal Councils, Nick was informed of the fact that he was now targeted by Davie, one of her nearest friends and allies. (Nick Nick and Davie, pseudonym, "Team Dick," never made her on the air, one thinks why.) Hours later, Davie played idol alone, as she finished that night . In response, Nick played her idol too, fearing he was about to be suffering from the Davie scheme. Ultimately, the idol played absolutely unnecessary, as Nick received zero votes, while a Christian was sent sailing out of the game.

"Very clever, as clever as I think it is," said Christian recently THR for his response to Nick's game, watching him on TV. "I really feel very good to watch Nick on the show. I've been thinking: OK. It was always smart and scheming. I was fine every time to get one eye open from around to. It looked like I was totally trusted on the show, but indeed I knew he wanted Come to me sometime soon. At least, that's what she liked. I do not feel that I'm incomplete with what I've been on TV. "

Despite losing his entitlement before the final days of the game, Nick managed to defend himself by gaining the final three immune challenges of the season, a mix of puzzle battles and endurance competitions. (In fact, the final challenge of the season was immediately removed from pages Survivor: Tocantins, which led to the famous power duet of J.T. Thomas and Stephen Fishbach in the last two; Throughout the season Nick's play style has been described as a combination of those two players.) Although the final pressure was not at a speedy pace (most notably, Mike and Angelina's decision to vote out to Davie did not end Nick), David just survived was able to fight and become … well, the Sole Survivor.

"If you're in this game and you have any battle in your mind – if you have a breath in your body – it's worth playing this game," said Nick in her closing remarks. "I was David the whole game, and I had to find out whatever slingshot we could win, be it in the social game or the strategic game or immunity. , idol, new relatives, old relatives … whatever he took. I had to find a slingshot, and I had to use as many stones as we could find to her. "

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