Wednesday , June 29 2022

Windows 10 to get a New Task Manager, File Explorer Action Center and Features


Microsoft is experiencing a number of new features internally for Windows 10 and these changes could be sent with the update 19H1 next year. As Microsoft watcher was highlighted on Twitter, the company works on the Microsoft Flow actions for the Action Center, an independent dark theme moving to File Explorer and more.

File Explorer


The preview images of Windows 10 19H1 (Spring 2019 Update) have already seen some experience of a new feature where File Explorer will show the dates that have been modified in chat format, a date format that is often seen on instant messaging programs .

The Windows 10 October 2018 update has added dark theme support to File Explorer, but the dark theme in File Explorer can only be enabled if Windows 10 is configured to use the dark theme setting through & # 39; r system too.

According to a a new report by Microsoft Albacore watcher, the huge software is considering a new feature that will allow users to change the File Explorer theme independently in Windows 10 19H1. It allows you to run File Explorer in the dark theme even if the operating system is configured to use the light theme.

Center of Action

The Windows 10 Operating Center will also have some notable changes with the 19H1 update. According to another source report, Microsoft could add quick action support to the Operating Center and normal actions will use the cloud based Microsoft Flow service to carry out the tasks.

Task Manager

It is projected that the Windows 10 built-in Task Manager will have another useful feature. The company is prove New Task Manager feature where users will have to select any of the tabs (performance, app, startup, users, details and service) to be default.

Task Manager

In Windows 10 October 2018 Update or older, the Task Manager's default tab is the process tab and it can not be changed. Microsoft has heard the feedback and users will have the last option to choose other tabs to be default.

Cortana Changes

Currently, Cortana is one of the key features of Windows 10 and the company always has new features for its digital assistant. As expected, Microsoft works on Changana-related changes in Windows 10 and could be navigated with the early update of 2019.

According to initial reports, Microsoft may share Cortana and Search. As a result, Cortana and Search will appear as a separate two end on the taskbar and the changes already live in a 19H1 construction but it shows for a limited set of Windows Insiders.

Microsoft also experiences some new changes that may be associated with voice assistants, where you can reset Cortana with other digital assistants such as Alexa at system level.

New Rescue Dialogue

According to Gustave, Microsoft also has a new rescue argument in Windows 10 and is currently showing for the Office apps.

Microsoft works on similar improvements and more details will be shared in the coming weeks. It is anticipated that Windows 10 19H1 will be completed in spring 2019 and the public will start in April.

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