Sunday , October 2 2022

Windows 10 also has a refurbishment of icon design


Microsoft seems to be planning to reorganize its Windows 10 icons alongside Office series. The detainee revealed a new icon design software for Office 365 earlier this week, and highlighted some Windows changes that were considered. "There's a huge commitment to building a common system and designing 10 icons at the same time," explains Jon Friedman, head of Microsoft Office design. "Now that we have set up the system, we will start to rate it across all Microsoft."

Friedman also revealed, as was seen Thurrott, that this Office's effort is "to begin the effort of a joint company to update all icons in the same style." An early insight into how Windows 10 could be updated was fed as part of the Friedman blog post. It contains Windows 10 concept images that have updated modern icons for photos, news, post, and many other built-in apps. The Verge Understand these images simply, but simply Microsoft looks to modernize Windows 10 icons in the long run.

Windows 10 still contains icons in some parts of the operating system that have existed for over 10 years. These older icons look out of the place if you've ever encountered them, despite Microsoft's efforts to modernize Windows design and in particular the way you configure settings in the operating system. Microsoft has had many design efforts over the years for Windows, but now the company focuses on designing a single single icon across the whole company, it might be what is needed to clear some last ancient examples.

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