Thursday , May 26 2022

Why I'm not sorry for Stan Lee



With Marvel's comedy legend, Stan Lee earlier this week, news media and social media timelines have been overwhelmed by admiration for the comic creature.

At some point, I had to admit uncomfortable truth: Of course, losing human life is totally sad and I feel for those who are close to Stan Lee, but just like a fan, I do not think there's a real need for a grieve.

That is uncomfortable because if there is one thing, we all are taught, that you do not speak sick about the dead. You do not speak sick about a man who changed the face of his industry, revolutionized the movie industry, and his creations were a worldwide phenomenon of millions of dollars. And you really do not do that right when everyone who has an internet connection praises them as an icon.

Yet, Stan Lee leaves behind a complex legacy – one that made it difficult to love in life.

There has always been a debate about how much Lee has actually created, and what he simply was in his credit. He also had rumors about how poorly he was handling his staff and colleagues.

Lee is renowned for setting up the "Marvel" method of creating comic books, which would simply give artists an idea ambiguous, that they would find all the platforms, plot and take characters and tell Lee to add a dialogue – it's often used using artists' notes to do so.

Wally Wood's legendary artist once again said: "Did I say Stanley did not have any smarts? Well, he started two secure fire ideas … the first one was why the artists should not be allowed to write & # 39; the stories as well as pulling them? And the second was … Sign up your name at the peak at all times – great &, and the rest in history. "

Then there is an excellent accusation of a sexual assault against Lee; Maria Carballo massage therapist introduced a legal case in April for an assault and a sexual battery, accusing Lee of inappropriate touch and misconduct during two sessions last year in Chicago. He claims he likes himself to face and touch genitalia.

However, Lee lawyer responded: "He is a high profile public figure and I think she's stuck. The guy is 95, I do not think he would do it."

Although these arguments have reduced the way I see Lee over the years, it's likely that I will never know the truth about everything and separately; that does not make his legacy less noticeable.

Stan Lee was still critical behind Marvel as we know – a franchise, a cinematic universe, an organization – which leads all the marketing and business information that he has taken from a specialist nerdy to a global phenomenon.

Thanks to that legacy, everything I've always liked about Marvel will continue to live without Stan Lee and so without the debate, which is why I'm not so sad. As a fan, I can only focus on what left behind Stan Lee, and what he built for the future.

I've been a Marvel fan for most of my life. First of all, I encountered the universe through the X-Men cartoon series that led when I was a child in the 90's. I followed X-Men Evolution and finally got my own income, I started to buy and spend what comic books we can put on my hands – not too much when you live in a small town on the east coast

I fell in love with the characters, themes and power of what was all; This idea that the most common person could be exceptional, our differences are what makes us powerful, welcoming the gray area between good and bad and # 39 The idea that even good people can do bad things – and to the opposite.

I saw great, muscular women with a huge power (I'm ready for my films my story and She-Hulk whenever you, Marvel), the lives of melodramic love and sassy attitudes that stood for themselves empowered her Together and helping others. I saw the characters of a complaint (I am also ready for my American films Chavez and Wiccan), misleading families, people with mental illnesses, people of color, children, parents, people of all professions and walks, becoming heroes and inspired me . He still does that.

Many of these characters and stories have been alive without Lee, and many more will continue to live without it – thanks to it.

And in fact, if this is not hell to a legacy, I do not know what it is.

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