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Why does Google get so much hate about the Pixel 3 design?


Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are hard smart phones. Pixels have always been rounded devices with best cameras on smart phone that ride on the company's great work in computer photography. Yet, in their third generation now, they have not been flying from the other.

The Google Pixel 3 design (and I will use that to suggest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL through the article) is one of the most controversial aspects of the phone. Many readers and friends on Twitter were overwhelmed and the design called "boring", "not enough premium", and even "lame".

Unlike everything on the specification sheet, design is subjective (along with a similar camera, where one more has a more saturated picture over another with real colors or to # 39 ; the reverse). There are some totally beautiful devices – such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro – but design is predominantly personal choice and a matter of individual taste.

The Pixel 3 continues with the Pixel DNA with an undesirable two-tone design.

Of course, the most controversial design aspect of the Pixel 3 XL was the note – the biggest note ever on smartphone. It's like a bathtub installed in your office – huge and intrusive. Yet, most of us eventually pull it out, so we'll do for pieces, of all shapes and sizes, on every other stick. Designs that we have to live with, and not celebrating, is a disgusting design. This will also pass, one hope. Or you could choose the smaller 3 Pixel, which is also in my application because I'm a big fan of smaller phones.

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That's different, Pixel 3 is the smart phone that looks from Google. The shift to an extra-glass glass with a soft matte finish looks great and feels very sure in the hand. Of course, Gorilla Glass 5 is on the back and fingerprints are not a big problem. The round aluminum rails replace the block edges and make sure they are brighter.

The Pixel 3 is for everyone who prefers a locked design.

Although most of the changes are quite subtle, Pixel 3 looks much more like a contemporary product. The color buttons on the white and pink variations are a nice touch.

Pixel 3 may be very popular for a while, but it's pretty nice for me. There is a sense of comfort and class with this one and Google has rejected any temptation of jazzing up. The Pixel 3 is for everyone who prefers an unveiled design, like this old author.

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