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What do I expect from Quinn Hughes if he / she can join the Vancouver Canucks


For now, the expectation was that Quinn Hughes would join the Vancouver Canucks after her season with the Michigan Wolverines of the NCAA to the conclusion. He suggested so much in December during an appearance on the 650 FAN Startup Lineup and the Canucks even considered asking Hughes to leave school following WJC, held in Vancouver.

Back in January and even in February, it was hoped, when Hughes arrived, that the Canucks would still be in the thickest play race. But stretching 5-11-3 is now nine back from the wildcard and close to the bottom of the conference as they are to play space.

However, money lining for the fan means that they will now be likely to watch their highest hopes – an exciting one – take her first NHL steps. The Michigan season ended on Saturday and it is expected that Hughes will sign up an agreement with Vancouver, possibly this week.

"Her vision with the puck, he's playing ahead," said Mel Pearson, Wolverines's coach, about what aspect of the Hughes game she's very excited to translate i and NHL. "It does not know where to go with the puck. It's not that of those who need to look right at a man to make a pass.

"It's skating. Everyone can see his skate, creativity with the puck," Pearson continued. "Hockey sense, vision, poison and patience. Some of those players have some and no."

A 19-year-old came out of a seasonal monster, second with Wolverines, where he recorded 33 points in 30 regular season games. The average point of 1.10 points of the game was the second highest score of any NCAA defender under the age of 20 in the 21st century, but Adam Fox was only 1.14 (40 points in 35 games) in 2016-17. Fox was a new man for the stone of Harvard Crimson who succeeded in the Frozen Four of that season, while Hughes was leading the 13-14-7 Wolverines screened in the first round of the 10 major players.

With Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser pulling, Hughes is another dynamic talent that will be a huge factor when Vancouver finally takes that next step as a play team. But at present, seasons are needed on expectations of what its initial effect will be. Even Rasmus Dahlin, the only defender taken near Hughes in his draft, had one goal and four points in his first month at NHL. Paying a Hughes charge relates to the long-term contribution.

"It's not going to be a rescue," Pearson warned. "It's a really good player who's going to make great things for Vancouver over time, but we say people have some patience.

"Like Dylan Larkin in Detroit, another player in Michigan. Dylan is a hell player, but he will not take them to play and play this year. Somewhere down the line they will get there and will be a big part of it and Quinn will do the same thing. "

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Corey Pronman: Canucks & Quinn Hughes are the best possible in NHL

January 15 2019

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The area of ​​its game that will require the most tightening of protection, which is not unusual for a teenager blueliner, will step into the NHL. The biggest challenge for Hughes will show what they can not get away at NHL that he could do at night in the NCAA, while still scared with his natural abilities.

This is where Hughes's professionally-represented US representative talent in the 2018 World Championship will be useful. Pearson pointed out how great US Team coach Jeff Blashill was able to adapt to a pro-competition in 10 last summer matches, and he had two help.

Wolverines coach also calls Hughes a "perfectionist" and playing at the highest level will push Hughes to thrive and focus on improving the things that will make him a great NHL watch. It's up to the level of competition it is against.

Too much body will not be physical, but it can keep up with anyone, which will make it difficult to beat it out of play. Those are the most important teams that are looking for in blueliner these days since the NHL game has changed in a favorable way & the type of Hughes 5-foot-10, 170- punt.

Pearson, in general, pointed out when he talked to NHL teams about different defenders, and the type of answers they are looking for are not the same as many years ago.

"When I talk to GM or scouts, they ask how its first three stages or how its speed?" "Pearson said." They are rarely & # 39; n ask for physical. They may ask you to compete, but speed is so important. "

Hughes has that in pairs. The Canucks were appointed at the beginning of the season to see what Pettersson would do, and now the same thing could be true with Hughes in the line. It's a huge transition to play, creating and managing rushes up which should help raise Vancouver time when it's on ice.

It's only a short time to take Hughes into full potential. Not only does he have to simulate the evolution against the peak competition, he will face that challenge on the Canucks team who is likely to lose more often than not to have this part. However, one of the great player marks is how it responds to personal mistakes or extends a rough team and Pearson believes that Hughes is more willing than the most to deal with this reality in a market hockey

"He's pushing back things," said Pearson. "Maybe it's because it's a young one, but it does not live on a negative legacy. A person is so positive, that's one of your strengths. You have to have a thick skin and a short memory . "

The bottom line is Hughes about what Vancouver has to offer and that the Canucks need exactly what Hughes can add. The photo may not always be fake with an elite production immediately when Hughes arrives, but on the base, there is another dynamic talent that sets the table for better days.

"It's really exciting to come to Vancouver," said Pearson. "We've talked about that before. Some children are drafted by a team and are going to shoot, but it's exciting." He had a very good feeling (y city) at the WJC. He wants to play for an hockey market. "

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