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What did Takeover: Tell WWE War War Games?


Last weekend, the NXT Takeover event: The War II Games included only five games on the card, but it showed a great deal of talent and made a statement on many performers that were ordered on the show.

The exciting game of Matt Riddle / Kassius Ohno was held, with Riddle knocking a knee straight to the game for the KO win flash. I would guess this will be used to establish a gap between the two, and I do not think that he had taken anything away from Ohno because of how he was introduced. In many ways, Ohno has confirmed his status in NXT as a very valuable asset in the player-coach role and can be a useful tool in the development of junior stars. Do not make any mistakes about it, it's not a coincidence that Riddle is being prepared with pre-hero Chris Hero for his initial appearances under the NXT banner. Ohno's radar appears to be the main list, and there's nothing at that point, considering that he can have a successful running in NXT as a mentor in a circle for others on the brand, which is # 39; n an important piece of post to develop new talent.

For Matt Riddle, I was initially skeptical when I heard that he was beginning to fight in the past a few years ago after a career in mixed martial arts, mainly because you never know how an athlete will pass to take obstacles or their ability to sell. Having said that, Riddle is natural in the square circle and has transferred to sporting entertainment as seamlessly as anyone. Riddle has a unique, unwritten charisma that can not be manufactured, which is another key to great success in the industry. Along with that, she really has enthusiasm about the business that the audience can associate with, another aspect that allows athlete to go over with the crowd. Although it's too early to predict reality specifically on WWE's career, the early sign is that Riddle has all the skills to be a great star in NXT.

The Shayna Baszler / Kairi Sane game two out of three falls were sound, but it was too stimulating based on the condition of the game. The intervention by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir may be used to eventually establish a six-person tag, but there were no three falls to lead to that. Dug and Shafir are new recruits to the brand, and I am sure that their athletics backgrounds will be useful in the training process, but their lack of experience showed the total intervention points. Shayna kept the title, a decision that was a very similar call to avoid changing the title too often and thus obstructing its importance. Despite only three years as a professional wrestler, the old UFC fighter is highly skilled in the square round. In fact, she's talking volumes she could have already reached this level in a relatively short time in the sport. It brings authenticity and definitely to a person who adds much to his games. Baszler's only difficulty is to be 38, she may have a shorter time frame to maximize the culmination of his career resilient. It seems like almost natural matching, at some point, that Baszler could transfer to the main list as a heel to talk to Ronda Rousey. Obviously, Ronda would have to have more experience before that, but it would be quite contrasting to the former MMA screwdriver to challenge Ronda for the Women's Championship.

Kairi Sane is very talented and fits well with the NXT brand. On the turning side, I am not sure that the person "Princess Princess" would translate into the casual supporters of the main list. Perhaps, that means Sane will continue on the NXT list, but you would only think that Raw or Smackdown was at some time after 30 years. However, taking into account the history of the biggest NXT success after they started the main list, Sane's unique character could lose in the chamber if a general audience does not understand the gimmick. Although the lack of fluent English should not be a major barrier, it is very probable that the writing team would not screen a long-term angle to Sane on mainstream television based on a language barrier found. It will be extremely interesting to see the path Sane takes and if she / she eventually transfers to the main list.

Johnny Gargano / Aleister Black Bout was immense and the quality of the main event competition was almost anywhere. Gargano / Ciampa proved a bit that Gargano can sell and work effectively as the classic babyface. On the face, towels may have been a suspicious decision, but he again proved the standard of the performer he is, and works very well. God has won this victory and when the time is right, he will surely add to the Raw or Smackdown list. With as many mixed NTS results, Aleister Black has all the skills to be a big star on WWE TV. Aleister Black is a unique product and if it's ordered correctly, it brings incredible potential to the table for the main list.

The NXT title game showed Velveteen Dream's ability, but it proved what a promoter does during this time. Tommaso Quampa is great in her role as a maniacal thinker and could be argued that he is the best motivation in the business at the moment. Despite her fierce and entertaining person, Felveteen is 23 years old with only a few years experience in the area, so do not make any mistake, part of the reason why this NXT title bout was the best way from her career to date because he worked with a top athlete whistle like Quampa. Having said that, Felveteen Dream is almost certainly a bright future, especially given that Raw and Smackdown would use his character before calling his skills, at least for the first time possible on the brands. Candy is such a great star that has a huge heat while still very entertaining to be able to make sure you almost want to suggest that it stays in NXT as far as as possible because of the incredible running as a champion.

Too many steps were reviewed in the War Games competition, but a very important general statement about this competition can be made. Each of the participants in this game has the ability to be performers that the company can build for any brand. With such athletes under contract, the future of the WWE is very safe and it will be very interesting to see how their careers move on in the WWE. More specifically, while there is not one Shawn Michaels alone, I have said that of the next and I will say again, Adam Cole has the ability to be Shawn Michaels of this generation if he has had the opportunity on a big step.

As far as this Takeover event, the potential and progress of these masters athletes could be quick if they are not ordered in the next phase of their careers. The right presentation is even more important to success when such athletes work their career summit on the WWE list.

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