Monday , August 15 2022

WestJet fails to break down a proposed class action congestion by a former aviation assistant


WestJet has failed in another bid to draw a proposed class action league accusing it of fostering a culture that tolerates harassment of female workers.

It is a result of a pre-flight Mandalena filing suit, Mandalena, "Mandy" Lewis in 2016. She claims she was sexually assaulted by a pilot in 2010 – but instead of falling & # 39; the pilot, it is alleged that WestJet protects it and turns off.

Originally, Lewis launched a lawsuit for allegations that the airline did not take appropriate action, after being sexually assaulted by a pilot, while in a moment in Hawaii.

It was launched in January, 2016.

WestJet prosecuted allegations of sex discrimination, accused her former employer fostering a corporate culture that tolerates harassment against her female employees.

Mandalena Lewis is a woman who filed a legal case against her former employer, jet west, claiming that a sexually assaulted pilot 2:02

In April 2016, he came with a second-class, proposed class action, claiming WestJet did not create a safe working environment for female flying assistants.

On Thursday, the B.C. The Court of Appeal rejected the airline's appeal to a lower court award in 2017 which ended up attempting to eliminate the second Lewis lawsuit.

A B.C. The Supreme Court judge rejected WestJet's argument that the dispute belonged to a human rights tribunal and employee compensation board – and the higher court agrees that there is nothing to eliminate the jurisdiction of the courts in the case.

Mandalena Lewis, to the left, in this photograph taken in B.C. The Supreme Lys in Vancouver and posted to Facebook page on January 22, 2019. (Mandalena Lewis / Facebook)

Lewis says that she is released by the new decision.

"We start counting for women across the Canadian work sector," he said for the court of appeal decision. "I feel that a revolution comes."

Lewis said the next step is to be the former case of certified class action and she is optimistic that it could happen next year.

#MeToo movement, who started two years after she came forward with sexual abuse allegations, says that should help pull women out.

"What I believe will happen, if all these stories are buried, and all these arguments will be broken, and women will come on," he said.

In a statement, WestJet said he respected, "the Court's decision and in the process of reviewing the decision with an adviser to decide on the next steps."

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