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We're going to war in blinds: Billboards are calling for Alberta to separate


Ryan Flanagan, with a report by Chris Epp CTV Calgary

Published Thursday, February 21, 2019 8:28 AM EST

The anti-Ottawa feeling in Alberta has reached a new height with the installation of two board advertisements in high visibility settings.

The advertisements have recently been displayed in Calgary and Edmonton. They ask the question "Should Alberta trench Canada?" A link to Alberta Fights Back, a website that promotes a referendum across the province on separation.

"We're sick and tired," said campaign director Peter Downing at CTV Calgary.

"Just as an abusive relationship, no self-esteem would remain in this regard."

West frustration has been voiced with increasing volume since the decline in the oil and gas sector started. In the light of many Albertans, the federal government has not been doing enough to help increase one of the largest industries in the country.

Angus Reid's vote released earlier this month found that 73 per cent of people living in the west of Ontario believe that Canada's anger and respect for the federal government rise.

Another question in the survey asked about the probability that Alberta would separate from Canada. The likelihood of separating Alberta was asked, about 30 percent of people in most provinces thought it was a possibility, with 70 percent saying it was "very unlikely" at best. In Alberta, the pollers recorded 50-50 classes.

Jason Kenney, who is the leader of the United Conservative Party of the provincial opposition, warned last September, although he did not favor separation in person, it would not be surprising if interested "a significant minority and increasing of Albertans "in the idea.

That feeling is what Downing considers when trying to separate a legitimate political idea in the province. He says that the province is taken off when it comes to federal equalization payments.

"We're being blinded by our taxes to send our money to East Canada," he said.

Ted Morton, a former provincial cabinet minister who called on the government of Alberta to replace the RCMP and Canada Pension Scheme with alternatives made in Alberta's house in the early 2000s, at CTV Calgary on Wednesday It seems that discussion is a better solution than separation for the Alberta-Ottawa Relationship.

"If this is the current situation and this separates, there are many opportunities between them – but to move from the current situation it is necessary that the government of Alberta is starting a challenge current situation, "he said.

Fights Alberta is a third party advertiser for the forthcoming Alberta election. Downing told CTV Calgary that he had received hundreds of dollars in donations from individuals and small businesses. The latest organization's financial disclosure to the Alberta Elections shows that it has received donations from two individuals on February 14, with most of the money coming down from Downing itself.

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