Tuesday , October 4 2022

Week Review 48: Infinity-O drops galore, Realme U1 officially


As we entered the last month of the year, we found it in the middle of the race to announce that the first phone with a camera cut in the screen heated up. Samsung will first display its Infinity-O with the Galaxy A8s. Even if that display that AMOLED or LCD manufactured by BOE will see.

It is not clear also whether the Galaxy A8s will be officially before the year. Meanwhile, Huawei came off and stated that he had a screened telephone that will be officially official in December. There is clear money on that phone, which is the number 4.

Samsung's main focus is to continue to be a Galaxy S10, which will be broadcast early next year (likely to be around the MWC in February). The birthday device will be a screen pack with smaller bezels (maybe cutting for the selfie camera) and the new 8nm Exynos 9820 Samsung chips. He made the second first appearance on AnTuTu and beat the 7nm Kirin 980 Huawei chip score but found A12 Apple and Qualcomm 8150.

The last part of Samsung's news this week was about 11 people assaulting to reveal the company's OLED secrets to a Chinese company. Samsung is the leading OLED maker in the world and has built a serious leader in OLED technology – leading it to be a fierce defense.

Realme released her fifth phone in less than a year – Realme U1 is the device that is commercially available with Helio P70 and as all Realme's fonts bring great value for money.

Meanwhile, HMD is taking on to release Nokia 8.1 to the world. The Nokia X7 global variation in China was detailed this week and will be shown at an event in Dubai next week – on December 5.

Sony and LG also made headings this week. LG has a patent for a phone with 16 cameras – suddenly 3 cameras are not sounding big. Speaking about 3 cameras, Sony Xperia XZ4 faced this week with an additional 6.5-inch screen, and, ie, 3 cameras on the back.

The ZTE nubia brand announced the Mars Magic Red game phone with Snapdragon 845, 10GB of RAM and a cooling system including dual heat pipes.

And finally, before we let you go, OnePlus announced a partnership with McLaren that will bring 6T with 10GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. So we will be selected from the Porsche RS Huawei Mate 20 Design, Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition to OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition!

Samsung Galaxy S10 + is playing the 20 Mate Pro on AnTuTu

The Exynos 9820 chipset kicks Kirin 980 but falls short of Snapdragon 8150.

Sony Xperia XZ4 rendering shows a triple camera, 6.5 "extra high screen" =

This CAD-based rendering shows that Sony has reconsidered the location of the fingerprint reader and stereo speakers and the Xperia XZ3.

The extensive Nokia 8.1 release confirms that it is a global X7 version

With Snapdragon 710 under the hood, here is the international keeper of Nokia X7 Chinese.

LG patents ring with 16 cameras and software to use

After arranging in a 4×4 series, the cameras will be opened so they capture the scene from different perspectives, which can be stuck with each other.

Huawei will aim to release a smart Infinity-O phone from before Samsung

Huawei will aim to release an Infinity-O display phone by the end of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 takes after Galaxy A8s design

There is a screen pinhole in the upper left corner.

A phone with a selfie camera in the screen appears in the wild

The invention was seen in China in the case of pre-production.

Mars Mars is a red nubia with up to 10GB of RAM, shoulder buttons

The Snapdragon 845 chipset is prepared with the ICE cooling solution for constant performance. There are stereo speakers and haptic feedback too.

Samsung Galaxy A8s to have an Infinity LCD-O display, made by BOE

The Samsung Galaxy A8s could use LCD, rather than OLED.

Realme U1, the first Helio P70 phone, starts with a 25MP Hunanameg camera

You have a Real Screen 2 Pro lens, but you can replace the camera in the teardrop with a more able shooter.

11 are surprised over selling Samsung OLED secrets to a Chinese company

Samsung took about six years and millions of dollars.

Analysts will predict that Galaxy S10 5G will have 12GB of RAM, 1TB storage

The Galaxy Note9 was also advertised with "storage up to 1TB", but that included a 512GB microSD card.

New 4 rendered Huawei shows a hole in the screen for the selfie camera

The company is the first to launch such a phone (before Samsung) and even show a prototype (based on this rendering).

Some upsets of Sony Xperia XZ4 cases support higher body break

Sony has only recently adopted a 18: 9 aspect ratio, but its early priority in 2019 may be higher than the competition.

McLaren OnePlus 6T Edition for 10GB of RAM, 256GB of storage

New rumors claim that this will be the highest version of any phone the company has ever done.

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