Tuesday , August 9 2022

We do not know what happened: Family breaks after a woman, 18, has died in the snow


The family and friends of a 18-year-old woman, whose body was found to be concealed alongside a house in the center of Winnipeg, has been desperate and desperate for solutions.

Last October was seen Prince with night on February 17 and was told that he was not missing to the police on the following night. Her body was discovered on Tuesday.

"I want people to know she's love," says Gardina Prince, for her daughter as a watchtower on Wednesday night.

She said she had seen her daughter's body in the snow, in a narrow path, between the Ross Avenue house and a chain loop fence. He said the Autumn was not wearing a jacket or shoes. Temperature decreased to -25 C Monday night.

"Have a heart … if someone is going to hit doors at night," said the mother, who added that she thought the Autumn had hit on doors before coming to an end and the house.

The Prince's autumn was discovered outside of a home on Ross Avenue on Tuesday. (Walther Bernal / CBC)

The dozens of surveillance were attended outside the house where he was raised, praying, singing and honoring the young girl.

His mother, father, younger sister, relatives and friends welcomed each other, shouted and hiding in candles before a poster board was included in his pictures.

No one answered the door and the family said they did not know who was living there or why it was there.

"It's damaging because we do not know what happened. Why it's there. We do not know until an autopsy comes back," said Jerilynn Beauchamp, the author of the Prince, 39; n from Skownan First Nation, where October's father is.

Beauchamp said she had spent a lot of time with growing autumn autumn, taking her to films, birthday parties and visiting Nation Brokenhead First, where her mother is.

"She was friendly, always smiling, always happy, posted photos on facebook by the time and how happy it was. She was a good girl growing up, listen to every time, "he said.

"All we can do is pray. You should join each other as a family. This is very difficult for us all."

Autumn recently moved to Winnipeg from Selkirk and family members said that's when she came to the wrong crowd.

About a dozen Autum Prince's friends came from Selkirk to attend surveillance. (Walther Bernal / CBC)

About a dozen friends came from a former secondary school, Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School, for surveillance.

"She always made you smile, every time you came close to, she laughed, smiled everything," said Jordan Campbell, who is 18 years old.

He said the Autumn was going out and liked singing and dancing so no one was watching.

"She had a good energy for her, very sweet and really genuine, she had a lot of friends. She was very social," said Millie Prince, who was friends and friend.

"I'm hurting for her loss, but I hurt everyone else closer to her," said Campbell.

"They know they hurt the same way as we … as her sister … it's very hard to know everyone goes through the same thing, "said the Prince.

The Winnipeg police are investigating and an autopsy is underway.

The Prince of October, 18, was found dead in Winnipeg on Tuesday. (Supplied by Gardina Prince)

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