Thursday , July 7 2022

Watch SpaceX launches a new GPS satellite – Quartz


SpaceX Elon Musk will seek the first launch of the new generation of Global Setup System (GPS) satellites to orbit for US Air Force this morning.

Here is the fourth attempt at the launch this week; The first was postponed because an unusual sensor reads in the Falcon 9 rocket addition on December 18 and December 19, before the bad weather had another chance on December 20.

Update, 9:20 am ET: Weather conditions forced another scrub.

The mission will expire during a launch window that opens at 9:21 am ET; due to restrictions imposed by the US Air Force, the company will not attempt to re-use the Falcon 9 rocket add-on.

Although SpaceX will not show its reusing industry-leading features at this launch, the mission is a profitable victory for the Musk team. SpaceX United States Air Force took the court for the right to apply for national security launches, breaking the monopoly held by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

SpaceX won this contract in 2015 following that league, and it has been hired to launch the first five of 10 proposed GPS recipes. Satellite navigation, timing and synchronization is an essential element of the global economy and national security of the United States, but it remains vulnerable. The US is upgrading its new technology GPS composition that will make the signals more accurate for consumers and less likely to be external interference.

This is the launch of SpaceX on 21st of 2018; if successful, it will set a new record once again for most trips overtook by a private company in a calendar year.

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