Thursday , January 21 2021

Washington measles are growing up to 48 suspected cases

VANCOUVER, Wash. – County Clark's health officers confirmed four more cases of measles as the cases continued to grow, with 47 confirmed cases and seven suspected cases since the beginning of the year.

Since January 23, there was one confirmed case in King County, with the total total total in the Washington state to 48 confirmed cases. << A full list of possible exposure sites in King County

County Clark's health officers said they had not found any potential exposure sites that patients had been infected with. << A full list of exposure sites in the County of Clark

According to officers, 41 patients were not immunized, five were not checked for the vaccine, and one patient had the first dose of the vaccine.

The CDC says that one dose of the MMR vaccine is 93 percent effective, while having a dosage dosage of the vaccine is 97 percent effective. Typically, children receive the first MMR vaccine in one year to 15 months of age, and the second dose between 4 and 6 years.

Clark Public Health Health said that most patients are under 10, 12 cases include 11-18 year olds and one adult case is 19 to 29 years old.

"Measles can be so infectious so that you can be in a room, and if you're open to us, two hours after someone with a measles left and gets the disease , "said Dr Alan Melnick, public health director for Clark County.

The symptoms of measles begin with fever, cough, red nose and red eyes, and then rash.

If you or your child show signs of measles, call your healthcare provider before coming in so that they can restrict the disclosure of anyone else in the waiting room.

Call your local health department with any other questions about measles:

Public Health Clark County: (360) 397-8021

County Public Health Clackamas: (503) 655-8411

Multnomah County Public Health: (503) 988-3406

Washington County Public Health: (503) 846-3594

Public Health – Seattle & King County: (206) 296-4600

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