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WARMINGTON: Trudeau is silent for an attack on Jewish dialects


The right to remain silent was never likely to apply to the prime minister after an alleged anti-Semitic hate attack in the center of a Jewish neighborhood in Toronto.

It's hard to not notice this silence of the very peak.

Some express concern about the Prime Minister's or no comments on the alleged hate attack on four teenager Hasidic boys who were hit with pistols, shoes and racist race, which included telling them that Hitler comes back.

November 11 assault, near Fairholme Ave. and Bathurst St., have been disturbed by those who have talked strongly against humanity against four young men – two of them in America who visit Canada from the US to attend a Yeshiva special school to study Hebrew a Torah.

Federal Conservative and Federal Leader Andrew Scheer felt on Tuesday: "Eager to hear about the attack on Jewish ties in Toronto. Anti-Semitism will never be tolerated and I hope that offenders of this hate crime will be brought before court fast. "

This followed Monday tweets from Premier Doug Ford who added: "Ontario has no place for anti-Semitism and our government will not tolerate hate of any kind." The First Minister, John Tory, called: "Nobody should ever be attacked for their religion. @TorontoPolice resolved this hate crime / theft investigation that happened on Sunday night. "

The Toronto Police Chief Executive, Mark Saunders, also spoke against the alleged hate crime. HI officials have raised one youth with theft and assault. A spokeswoman for Toronto Police, Katrina Arrogante, said that "still categorized as hate crime / theft" as they searched for nine more.

Video surveillance is being reviewed. The police have not given descriptions but two alleged victims describe the suspects as some Asian subtraction.

So what did Trudeau have said or tweeted about this alleged hate crime?


But the prime minister, who has been quick to comment on racist attacks in the past, has been tweeting for other things since Sunday, including his current meetings with leaders in Singapore and having some fun in commenting on some children from Canada, originally from Eritrea, enjoying their first taste of snow that Trudeau has been stimulating in a tweet: "Now convince them to sound fun and you all have them set. "

It's a great response to a special moment from Canada. But on this dark Canadian event, it is hard to lose any mistake of such horrible steps towards four children who wear kippahs and fedoras.

Jewish Defense League, the Jewish Defense League, Meir Weinstein, said he was "sending" an awful message.

getfileattachment e1542200728911 WARMINGTON: Trudeau is silent for an attack on Jewish dialects

One of the young people who are targeted in hate crime in the above picture. It can not be noted for legal reasons. (Joe Warmington / Toronto Sun)

"I'm very disappointed that the First Minister has been silent about the anti-Semitic assault against Jewish people in Toronto," said Weinstein. "The lack of response seems to be a double standard. I can remember the First Minister's response to the young Islamic girl who allegedly claimed that his son Kiss was broken into a racial assault."

I arrived at the PMO Tuesday to comment on a variety of things, including the current attacks on Israel and beat the four Jewish people, and they received a message from the media office in Ottawa.

"On the hate crime looking in Toronto in the Jewish tidy on the way to the school? (Ralph Public Protection Minister) The Goodale office would be a best place to answer this," said courteous spokesman Matt Pascuzzo.

Looking at this one, the prime minister will remain silent.

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