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War & Infinity & # 39; Theory Claims According to the truth & # 39; After updating was Trailer & # 39; for Endgame & # 39;

It is not secret that Marvel Studios has traveled with supporters when it comes to the differences between the teaser trailer and the finished theatrical cut of films.

Often, the studio means that trailers make it seem that two characters speak to each other – see Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in Avengers: Infinity War – when they do not interact with any other, or they simply put pictures in the trailer that does not stop in the final cut of the movie. You know, like the last shot that showed a group of heroes – Hulk included – spinning towards the camera.

Marvel Studios could have dedicated studios and best dysfunction and show us End up me A video in the teaser trailer for last year Infinity War? According to one fierce theory, a scenario is totally unlikely. In shared theory online by / u / BigMartin58, many pictures are in the Infinity War In fact clips in clips will appear in the end End up me, thanks to time travel shenanigans or Quantum Realm.

Now, before we come in – it should be noted that many unexplained CGIs could affect many of the shots. Traveling time is a common theory in Aberystwyth End up me, however, the theory carries more importance than it would happen if we knew of fact that the Avengers would not alleviate with the timeline.

If you look back on the Infinity War trailer, things start to earn consistently – for a better season – around the one minute mark. After the Q-Ship arrives at New York, Tony Stark is a header outside checking. In the trailer, he has seen getting rid of his sunglasses while in the final cut, he suits he uses his nano-tech weapons in the same shot. The theory states that, in another reality or a new time line, Stark may decide not to meet.

Another change is the length of time Captain America (Chris Evans) stays in the shadows in the train station fighting scene – maybe hide longer End up me is hesitant to fight because he knows what's going on.

The coroner is also sure to note that Stone Stone in the first stone Thanos (Josh Brolin) appears in the collection. It's quite interesting scenario – especially when you're considering another popular detailed theory that the Avengers will go back in time to use the Power Stone against Thanos and their army . If that theory was correct, Thanos might decide to take another path and get Space Space before trying to Power Stone again.

Finally but not least – the theory is rue to identify the screenshot that can be identified at the end, which includes a lot of heroes included in Wakanda's Rising Rising pay on the screen Most notably, the shot includes the incredible Hulk – a character that appeared only in seconds of the movie before being too afraid to face for the rest of the movie.

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Avengers: Endgame opens April 26th. Other Marvel Studios's properties that were scheduled to release this year include Captain Marvel on March 8th a Spider-Man: Far O Home on 5 July.

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