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Vice-editor RCMP is ordered by Canada with a conspiracy to smuggle cocaine to Australia

The RCMP has accused a former Vice Chancellor and music journalist with conspirators to import large loads of cocaine to Australia, supporting accusations revealed by the National Post in 2017. A sales agent was also raised for Toronto media operations .

Yaroslav Pastukhov, 28, who wrote under the names Slava Pastuk and Slava P, had a short court appearance in Toronto on Monday for accusing a conspiracy to import cocaine. He has a bail hearing scheduled for Wednesday. The Division delegated its relationship with Pastukhov in 2016 after some employees raised concerns with the managers about their actions.

After the Post Revealed the allegations against him, Pastukhov moved from Toronto to Montreal and lived under alias, said the police.

Ali Taki Lalji, who worked as a sales account manager in Division 2013 and 2014, faces the same cost. He has a first court appearance scheduled for Wednesday. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently employed as a brand manager and content with the Toronto-based company The Supreme Canabis Company.

The couple were arrested on January 31. The RCMP claimed that they arranged for five young people – four Canadians and America – to fly to Sydney, Australia with a cocaine hidden in their luggage in December 2015.

When the Mail was documented, all five were stopped at Sydney airport when searching for their luggage. According to all, Australian authorities said 37 kilograms of high grade cocaine were included in 81 tightly sealed packages and had hidden into a lining of eight bags after checking.

All of them pleaded guilty in Australia to import commercial sizes of cocaine and serve hefty prison sentences.

When briefing two of the drug mules before their trip, five were pumped saying: "This is the biggest cancer you'll ever do," according to a record heard in the Sydney court.

No Australian evidence has yet been proven in Canadian law.

Yaroslav Pastukhov, who went through the name Slava Pastuk, in a Sub Video.


Previously, the Post has documented claims from six people – in addition to the five arrested in Australia – and claimed that, while Pastukhov was a Divisional editor, he was offering them money to carry bags to Australia . The six, including four current Sub-employees or former Subordinates, told the Post that they had rejected the offer.

Jordan Gardner was a popular electronic music artist of Toronto, Pastukhov room advisor and subject to a Sub-publication profile; Kutiba Senusi, Montreal event planner, had a link for Pastukhov saved on his phone, according to evidence presented at the Sydney court. Both were sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison.

Robert Wang, a former Inside who was trying to work with Pastukhov to kick up his career, was sentenced to 6 1/2 years; Nathaniel Carty, a New York model who said he was being recruited as a Sub-Party in Toronto, was given a 5 1/2 year sentence.

Porscha Wade, the only woman in the group, was the love of one of Pastukhov's friends, Pastukhov said she had put on her trip before leaving. Wade was given a three-year sentence and returned home to Canada in December.

Janet Wade, Porscha's mother, said she was pleased to hear about the arrests.

"It gives me relief that this does not have to happen to other children and to other parents, that other people do not have to go through the disease and the disturbance of that and we did, "he said.

Her daughter's daughter drained – "financially and emotionally and physically," he said. It was anxious that the Canadian police would act on the case. "I did not think they would connect the dots," he said.

This arrest came from the RCMP as a result of efforts and co-operation on behalf of multiple domestic and overseas partner agencies

First, the Post asked Pastukhov in 2017 for the allegations that he used to post with popular youth-centered mediation, to recruit journalists, artists and young models such as drug mills, allegations that he refused .

After the Post published its initial story, the Toronto police police squad launched an investigation.

Due to the international nature of the allegations, the investigation gave the RCMP. Announcing the arrests Monday, the RCMP said he was working with the Federal Police of Australia to conduct interviews and to gather evidence of the plot.

"This arrest has come from the RCMP as a result of efforts and co-operation on behalf of multiple domestic and overseas partner agencies and witnesses the commitment of each agency to bring these topics into justice," he said. r RCMP Superintendent. Chris Leather in relief. Leather is head of the Serious and Organized Crime unit of Toronto area.

An application for comments from Is Canada late on Monday was received unsupported by the closing date.

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