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Urban, Underwood, Stapleton, Musgraves Key Score CMA Wins – Diversity


If there is one thing that is usually true of the Inland Music Society Awards, that is the one who gets the top prize, Entertainer of the Year, will be someone who has not won another night and night prize. That was the case again this year, although uncertainty was a figure, because he was distressing to Keith Urban, who had not chosen the competition since 2005. "I'm shocked beyond shock," said Trefol, Speaking about most predecessors too.

Perhaps only the veteran who was surprised to make the FMA Awards was the co-carer of Carrie Underwood, who won the best female singer, had surrendered that prize to Miranda Lambert in seven of her; the previous eight years. "Thank you, God," said Teary Underwood on the telecast. According to the store, later, he admitted, "I would lie if I was saying, although I recorded this album (the" Pretty Cry "recently released), I did not want awards. " He referred to his very visible pregnancy when adding, "Hope I can be an inspiration for children, and to other mums who work. Because we got this."

Another stupid, for some (if only Chris Stapleton was not winning) was to win the first time Kacey Musgraves in the year category album for "Golden Hour." This particular category tends to be a magnet for "believers" wins, and this was not an exception, with a critical magazine and other media coverage played too far over an album that took Musgraves further outside any type of country box. "I can imagine this land an exciting place and it was possible to keep these elements from a country that is an integral part of my music, such as pedal and banjo," she says, "but I wanted to explore this new border for myself with a type of electronic elements … I believe that this album has arrived far beyond country music, but I wanted to give something to people who love country music too. "

No surprise at all, then: the three cups to Stapleton, the biggest of anyone for the night. Although he had to give up the category of the album that had been on his new efforts and a sophomore, he was more than doing for it by winning in previously unregulated regions, with "Broken Halos" winning both a & Another one of a year. In addition, for the fourth consecutive year, the best male voice was raised, which is a category that any other competitor should make sure they forget about at least for the next decade.

The best new artist, as was expected, went to Luke Combs, a power spokeswoman, with a strong competition from Midland and Old Dominion, bands that, like bands, have been canceled. Combs enjoys goodwill as someone who built his own success in the streaming world before being built by Sony Nashville – and as he said in the press room after he won, this is not the only one. "I believe that men like me and Kane (Brown) and Dan + Shay and Brett Young are lucky to be part of a wave of artists that have started on our own and have been adopted by the Nashville system, "he said.

Combs' comments were subject to controversial issues – the labeller Kane Brown did not get one nomination; if he had, he would expect to be a strong competition for Brown. Despite being closed from the nicknames, Brown did what other country stars are expected in similar circumstances to do and to put in appearance anyway, as he did as presenter. (Not alone among the huge sellers is being ignored, the stars of Jason Aldean were forgotten by the CMA for many years before coming back and being nominated for a year's entertainer this year ).

The Osborne Brothers were not surprised at all in the duplicate category, yet again. "I do not know why we are still winning this, If this was in Florida, it would definitely recount," said John Osborne in the press room. They repeatedly refer to the expected Under + Shay attack that has never happened, based on the improved sales statistics of the other two duo. "We're working hard and trying to be respectful to everyone from our scope," said TJ Osborne back. "Dan + Shay is the same way – but they also have very big songs on the radio." He said when he asked his brother if he had a recipient in mind, "said John," I do not know, but I congratulate Dan + Shay on the other. "

John Osborne said that the same thing they were sure they were eager if they were losing was the chance to come back and "losing our friends in the press." The duet, who has been known to marry some social societies of political scenes, then the reporters gathered in the room: "The free press! You are not the enemy of the people! Use your voice and voice; to use loud ".

Garth Brooks, who won an entertaining prize for the year during the previous two years, was discussing a new ballad for his wife, Trisha Yearwood. "The first time I played that for Trisha was five minutes ago" he said behind. There were reports that the CMA producers were not entirely in favor of making the tone originally. After asking for the town, Brooks said he understood the scene – "Doing a ballad and a new song does not necessarily have a great television" of their opinion – but he said he had won them over. As if Garth, never finally chalk, loses on that one.

He made a series of the highest performance of this FMA winner. Luke Bryan opened the show by bringing a host of younger artists out to help get out on "What's Doing You" – including two celebrities who have faced a fight up, Ashley McBryde and Lindsay Ell. The woman's power increased as Annies Pistol led by Miranda Lambert through "Got My Name Changed Back", marking the first time in a long time at least the word "weighing" has appeared in a song on the CMAs. Musgraves was singing "Slow Burning," a song that you could have really thought of too much slowweight for fast TV … but for fans, at least, it was an impressive third hour manifestation.

Not so slow at all was the fierce medley with the new Ricky Skaggs Famer Hall, running through the country's mainstream and grassland class with a support from the Urban League, Brad Paisley, and the young articles of Sierra Hull and Carson Peters ( who is only 14). Even at its most acoustic, this was the most rocky set of the night.

But the CMAs were doing well with their all star jams this year. Mavis Staples, Maren Morris, Marty Stuart and Nashville Town Choir joined "Friendship" and Staples "with Stapleton along with Nashville Town Choir." "I brought a bunch of ringers," Stapleton explained back. "Especially, we all have to be so excited. Some of us may not even realize that. But it's a bottle of electricity and it's inspirational to be around as a person and musician. If we can use some time to put it forward and to its center, that's exactly what we should do. "

If you only watched this television, you would think that countries of the country have never existed and that the genre has always been in the genre of peace, love, spirituality and increasing social awareness. Not only in the Staples Singers or Stapleton classic lending that sang the art of giving. Brooks was raising women in general as well as Miss Yearwood specifically when singing, "She's stronger than me." It may not always be a class of classics, but it's a way to put a girl in a country that Maddie is singing and Tea may appreciate.

It was Musgraves explaining the less scouting philosophy, which was slower behind his latest album homepage back: "It was important for me to give somewhere to hide the people with & This record, "he said. "We live in a serious time. People may have expected a social commentary from me … and it's there. But we were inspired to write about the beautiful world in which we live. . For me, this was a very positive, positive time, and the music is directly inspired by that. "

CREDYD: Chris Willman

And in Underwood he adopted another night choir when singing "Love Wins," a tolerance anthem; according to the story, said she was led by her Christian morals to write about the need for more reception. In other words: yes, she's just black. On Wednesday, if it was only one night that was handled carefully, country music was the genre and snowflakes, and it was very proud of it. That charge led by Underwood, who traditionally plays Grace Allen to George Burns Paisley during the opening comedy pieces, but then he did his best to make the country a wonderful music before showing it.

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