Monday , October 3 2022

UPDATE: A severe storm warnings stop for Gray County


Photo by Barb Arsenault via Blackburn App March 27/2016

A cold tip bringing inflexible weather with it brings rain to parts of West Ontario Midlands.

Environment Environment had issued a severe storm warning for an earlier Sunday night for the entire County of Gray.

A line of heavy, unusual storms in the early December, through the region, ranged from Craigleith to Yeovil and moved to the north east in 70 kilometers per hour.

The weather agency has expired from the storm warning as the storms have moved out of the area. A severe storm watch continues to be active for Perth County, and canceled for Huron.

You are expected to expect cold showers and temperatures along a cold front and move across the South West of Ontario to this evening. The main threat is a strong 90-kilometer-hour wind flood, which can throw free objects, damage weak buildings, cut branches off trees and turn large vehicles. It is also possible that severe seizure storms can also produce tornadoes.

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