Sunday , February 28 2021

UBC researchers discover a whoppy who spends copper insects in hypnotized zombies

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It may sound like something from Christmas Eve Nightmare, but researchers in UBC say that "zombie copper flies" is the real deal. Well, they're not exactly zombies, but they certainly act in a "zombie-like" trance.

So why are these disgrace crews behave in such a weird way?

The answer is curious and interesting: the name and the recently discovered wasp Zatypota gives the critics under its venomous spelling. It works specifically with society We are not more familiar Spider by placing an egg into the soil abdomen. Once the egg is pulled, its larvae sucks life out of poor anchor, and also treats its mind. Basically, it acts as a parasite.

Philippe Fernandez-Fournier is the lead author of this class study, and adds, although similar behavior has been in the past, has never observed this complicated level.

Furthermore, he adds that the wasp is relatively beautiful, but then it's the most horrible thing. Once the larvae starts to "control" its host, it is forced to start a cocoon. After eating her salt, the wasp will come from the coconut, fully developed and ready to go on the globe.

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