Tuesday , November 24 2020

Two cases of measles have been caused after confirmation via Vancouver Airport

One of the two new cases of measles reported in Vancouver is a passenger that arrives from Philippines, where a case has killed at least 136 people and has more infected 8,000 people in recent weeks.

Vancouver Deanuld spokesman for Vancouver International confirmed that both cases were passengers who had gone through the airport.

One was a traveler who arrived at Vancouver on February 11 on Philippine Airlines PR 116 of Manila, while the other was a traveler who left Vancouver on February 12 on the Air Canada AC236 flight to Edmonton.

"We take our lead from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and we are ready to provide any help they need," Devauld said in an email.

"Our main priority is the safety and safety of our passengers, our employees and our community. We recommend anyone who was on the flights or in the terminal at YVR on those days and could have symptoms, please contact 8-1-1 to talk to a nurse. "

VCH is expected to provide more details on Sunday afternoons for both recently confirmed cases, which were contracted as traveling and were not associated with the ongoing case associated with two franchise schools in Vancouver.


Meanwhile, TransLink also gave notice of the possible possible measles on the Canada Line board on February 15. Knights on Canada Line should lead towards the north or south of 9 at 11:30 am monitor themselves for symptoms.

Alberta Health Services has also issued a raffle exposure notice in their province, because of the infected Air Canada passengers who arrived in Edmonton earlier this month.

After landing about 1 p.m. on February 12, the infected person visited Leduc, Alta. The person then got an airport shuttle, who lost passengers to Paradise Inn and Rooms, Crystal Star Inn, Edmonton Wyndham Garden Airport, and Wingate by Wyndham between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.

Other exposure times include February 12 in Walmart Supercentre (5 to 7 p.m.); February 13 on board transportation of an airport port from Crystal Star Inn (6:30 to 7am.m.), Canada North Flight # 5T-444 to Inuvik departing from Edmonton airport at 7:45 a.m.; February 12 and 13 at Stars Inn Hotel (3 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.)

"Given the timetable of potential exposure, deployment immunization is not effective," read the AHS health consultation.

"Individuals are encouraged to monitor symptoms for 21 days after the date of potential exposure, which may be until March 5, 2019."

VCH is expected to provide an update on Sunday afternoon for measles new cases.

Measles are taking place in Vancouver, after a vaccinated child contracted the disease during a trip to Vietnam last month. The child visited B.C. Children's Hospital and returned to the school at the end of January and early February, encouraging Vancouver Coastal Health to give notice.

Up to 36 people who are related to the child's school have been ordered to stay at home because they are either vaccinated and staying out of the incubation period, or have been able to provide a immunization test.

In the Philippines, infections have increased by more than 1,000 percent in metropolitan Manila, compared to last year. It was reported that about 136 people were dead and 8,400 other people have become ill due to the cause.

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