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Twitter warns of unusual activity & # 39; from China to Saudi Arabia


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Twitter says that those affected directly have been notified

Twitter has warned about "uncommon" activity from China and Saudi Arabia related to a help impairment.

The buggy – found on 15 November and appointed the day after – could have disclosed the country code of consumer phone numbers or if their countdown was closed, the company said.

IP addresses of both countries have sent a large number of inquiries using the form, says Twitter.

These could have links to "sponsored actors of the state", says Twitter.

Emphasizing that they could not confirm "intent or attribute for some", The Twitter statement said they had notified the authorities about their finding in the interests of "full transparency".

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The affected people have been notified, says Twitter. No full telephone numbers or any other personal data were disclosed.

The stock price of the company has fallen by almost 7% on Monday.

The animal comes on the same day on the same day. The US Parliament published a report showing how Russia used every social media platform to influence the 2016 election.

Focusing specifically on targeting conservatives with posts on immigration, race and dog rights, the country also attempted to undermine the power of voting African-American citizens leaving left by spreading information about the electoral process.

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