Wednesday , November 25 2020

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TSB on the rushed train

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The Transportation Security Board has issued rail safety tips causing an accident in April last year that killed three workers and two others were injured in the Woss community of Vancouver Island.

The WorksafeBC report, which was published in October, said that rottering rail links and that a security mechanism failure allowed rail cars at the West Forest Products reload center to run two uninstallized equipment vehicles and hit two five with five men on board.

The table report published on Wednesday adds to the collection, saying that the 11 cars have been loaded with logs that have been rolled away after a lock device between the cars unintentionally released.

The report also says that a security device means that the cars can not work because the rail links are declining and that the device was not sufficiently adequate.

The board published two rail safety consultant letters after its investigation, including one for railways, regulators and associations for the use of visual verification to ensure safe locking devices between cars.

He says another letter of advice goes to the Ministry of Transport B.C. Saying that it might want to review how the derailment devices will be installed, maintained and inspected on properties operated by West Forest Products.

The line operated by the company has been provincially regulated, but the security board conducted the investigation at the request of the Ministry of Transport.

The company announced last month that the Englewood Train – which is believed to be final logs in North America – will close.

No West Forest Products were immediately available to comment on the report.

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