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Truth By Numbers: How much would Pietrangelo help Maple Leafs?

Alex Ovechkin is currently leading NHL in goals, but with a shooting percentage is so high that regression is due. When that comes, is the way that it's chances suggest that 50 goals are still likely? If it reaches that mark, it would be a historic season.

In addition, with rumors of trade around Alex Pietrangelo who may possibly contact Maple Leafs, what kind of upgrade would be on what they have done, and what would it add to the team?

That, and more, in the column this week.


Somehow somehow, some work, Alex Ovechkin continues to lose his age and score to be in his mid-20s.

With young players like Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews threatening to become new kings scoring the NHL goal – as well as hot start by Jeff Skinner, David Pastrnak, and Major Brayden – who's over again Ovechkin lead the league with a legend of 25 goals in 30 games.

That gives Ovechkin at an 68-point speed if he played 82 games this season, which is quite unsustainable when you see it scoring at 21.6 percent of & # 39 ; i shots at the goal That's a way above his career average of 12.6 and the highest percentage of career shooting percentage – 14.6 per cent, who managed in 2007-08 when he scored 65 goals.

I do not think that an article on Ovechkin's performance is unsustainable and completely interesting. I believe that most people with basic information about statistics would see this a hot streak. What is of interest to me is that he is already half way to make history.

Ryan Dixon and Rory Boylen go deep on pucks with a mix of facts and fun, depending on a diverse group of hockey voices to give their behavior on the most beloved game in the country.

Ovechkin is already one of only 13 players in the history of NHL to score 50 or more goals after the age of 30, and only four players have done so twice: Phil Esposito, Marcel Dionne, Bobby Hull, and Mario Lemieux. But even more impressive, only three players in history have scored over 50 goals at 33 or older: John Bucyk, Bobby Hull, and Jaromir Jagr.

Ovechkin finished between 2017-18 and was only a shy of another 50-goal season with 49, and at the same point of the season he was 21 goals. So, the question is whether it produces enough crime to compensate for the incoming regression – it still needs 25 other goals over the next 52 games.

Given the lowest score score of Ovechkin of his career, he would still be fast with 21 goals in 52 games, this seems to be a probable achievement. But the best way to calculate how likely it will reach 50 is compared to itself.

Ovechkin's power scoring is not much different than last years, so we will focus on hockey 5 at 5.

Last season, Ovechkin saw a fairly significant increase in its percentage of opportunities that came from the rush, which related to playing alongside Evgeny Kuznetsov. This refurbished Ovi's ability to shoot through defensors from the zone's records and unexpected guns.

He shifted his shots closer to the net than in the past, which compensated for his shooting rates as he survived.

This year this trend is still holding, but its chances are scoring slightly down the last season, except for off-screen options where it appears to be pouncing on mistakes. a lot.

If this speed is up, it's likely that we can expect Ovechkin to score at a lower pace than the rest of the road term. But he only has to score at the rest of the road 39-goal speed to hit 50 on the season, which is fully accessible to the extent to which it produces and talented talent he has.

Scoring 50 goals is always a difficult mark to hit, but betting against Ovechkin is not a great idea.


We have gone a few weeks without Steve Dangle to ask a question about the Maple Leafs, but ultimately the dam had to break. So this week, Steve got curious about the Louis Louis Blues who have a fire sales, so he's asking …

"How much upgrade would be Alex Pietrangelo for the Maple Leafs if he would replace one of Ron Hainsey or Nikita Zaitsev in the top four?"

Well … big upgrade.

I'm going to spend a little on my head positional ranking project From here to make a wider comparison.

But you can see the difference between Pietrangelo and Hainsey or Zaitsev quite easy.

Of 193 defenders qualified for the project that I did during the summer, Pietrangelo was the 11th positive impact for his team, which is done among half the defenders No. 1 in NHL on now. That on the doorstep of being elite depends on your definition of the word and certainly a franchisee defender.

In contrast, Zaitsev graduated the 139th and Hainsey 148th, so immediately, you know that there is no such comparison between these players. Pietrangelo would become one of the best defenders or re-best on the Leafs, depending on your opinion Morgan Rielly, who is obviously on a huge massive trend in his career.

Although Blues have triggered this season, they're probably not as desperate to download their stars as people guess, so the cost winning a player like Pietrangelo would be high.

If Leafs were able to make it in return for future assets, however, they would be offered authentic competitor status to the same season as Tampa Bay Lightning occupies as Cup favorites .


• Nick Schmaltz has had a good start in Arizona with seven points in eight games, although he has not been less involved in the crime of 5 to 5 than he was in Chicago. The difference has been on the play power where it fills a larger role on the Coyotes, and creates almost 15 scoring opportunities every 20 minutes, instead of the nine for every 20 he was involved in the Blackhawks. He suspects that he can maintain this scoring speed, but he should keep the power of play time.

• With the Kings as bad as they are the name Jeff Carter is the smell of trading, but how much is the value of these days? Carter has a bad shot, but his scoring chance rates are falling, and his involvement in creating a crime in relation to fellow members has fallen for three straight terms. We will carefully offer any big packages to it.

• Also Wayne Simmonds is available. It has a unique combination of scoring and physical ability that makes it an extremely demanding player. It has some start-up to the season, but a high quality finish who ranked 44th in NHL is among the left wing in my positive site project, having a similar impact to those like Artturi Lehkonen, Travis Konecny, Michael Frolik.

• Islanders are giving optimum third-third scoring opportunities in NHL in 5-5 since mid-November, rather than the least 18th before, but they actually give & # 39 r highest high risk opportunities. So far it works pretty well, however. They have also reduced the offspring off the rush, allowing the smallest in the league.

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