Monday , January 25 2021

Tories delete an ad parody as Heritage Records consider legal action

The federal Conservative party has erased political assault Heritage Records, after receiving an application from the organization that produces the historical television segments.

And video, from & name Liberal Scandals: Part of Heritage, was sent to Andrew Scheer and Twitter leader accounts on Saturday.

By the next morning, Historica Canada – the organization that does not make the videos – released a release calling for the video to be released.

"Although we often welcome parodies Minutes, we do not endorse that they are used for regional political purposes, "he reads.

The video was erased in the afternoon.

Anthony Wilson-Smith, president and CEO of Historica, told the WBQ News that he was advised for the video from his staff on Sunday. He said the template in the final frames of the video appeared exactly a copy of his old branding.

The Conservative servant used similar forms of historical reporting, graphics and pictures to them Heritage Records places, but the Tory segment presses out in the First Minister, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet for different ethical cuts and conflicts of interest.

He states the prime minister's breaking ethics laws for his vacation to the private island of Aga Khan, contrary to the rules of conflicts of interest from those fisheries minister, Dominic LeBlanc, when he awarded the profitable license of Arctic surfing to a company that ' 39; associated with his wife's cousin, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau is a stand to reveal a private corporation that owns a villa in southern France that is split with a wife.

& # 39; Obliged & # 39; to look at legal action in the next few days

Party spokesman Cory Hann told WBQ News. The party understood how it could be seen as a real historical creation.

"We would not want to be mistaken for real production by Historica Canada, which usually shows moments in the history of Canada," he said.

Hann added that a version would not have meant that the ad is not a Historica production will be relocated later.

Watch: The video has already erased the Conservative Heritage Records

The Conservative Party created a version of this assault of a popular TV segment of the Heritage Heritage name. The company asked for it to be erased, and then it was. 1:00 pm

But removing the video is not enough for Historica CEO.

Wilson-Smith asks for a full apology, but says he has not yet heard the Conservative Party.

This is the first time, knowing that Historica videos have been used for regional activities, he said.

He said that his organization had enjoyed a good relationship with all political parties for years, but this affects the current relationship with the Conservatives.

For him, he gives Historica a good reputation on the line. Their money – a mix of private and public money – would be at risk if their messages seemed politically blocked in one way or another, he said.

If they do not get the decision they are looking for in the next few days, Wilson-Smith says that "the organization" will be bound to examine legal options for copyright infringement and intellectual property breach.

"Certainly there is something we can not allow us to happen quietly, we would never want to see it happen again by any party."

Heritage Records is a 60-minute short film that illustrates people and significant events in the history of Canada.

Some of the 90 episodes tell people stories such as the author Lucy Maud Montgomery, Terry Fox, artist Emily Carr and Sir John A. Macdonald.

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