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Top New Game Releases On Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Month – December 2018 – New Releases


This is the last episode of New Releases from 2018! Maybe the last month of the year is December, but it's far from the biggest release game. Leading the pack is the high octane open world Just Cause 4, as well as a third persona football game: Persona 3: Moonlight Dancing, Person 4: Night and Person Dance Dancing 5: Starlight dancing. The Insurgency is once delayed: Sandstorm charges for release, and a remake of Katamari Damacy's classic culture is also underway. Oh, there's also a little Nintendo Change game called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You may have heard about it.

No Case 4 – December 4

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

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Rico Rodriguez is back, and has new toys. The new balloon and troller attachments can be combined with the trusted hind hooks and the wings for complete chaos – just watch the effects of large storms such as tornadoes. You will have to harness all of these to win back to the country of Solis.

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Person 3: Moonlight Dancing / Person 4: All Night Dancing / Person 5: Dancing at Starlight – December 4

Available on: PS4, Vita

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Persona's main games are all about dungeon crews and demon battles, but this rhythm-game games lets you choose a character and dance to favorite songs from the series. Person 4 Dancing has already had Vita's release in the West, but now the others make their way to the hand, as well as the PS4.

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Katamari Damacy Reroll – December 7

Available on: PC, Switch

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Katamari Damacy is 14 years old, but this pharmacist is updating the classic culture with HD and cinematic graphics that has been fully recycled. The Switch version includes mobile control to navigate the princess and dash around, and you can try a two-player co-op with a single pair of Joy-Cons.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – December 7

Available on: Switch

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Latest Update is a Super Smash Bros. franchise. brings back all playable characters from the history of the series, along with a handful of new competitors such as Ridley, King K. Rool, and Incineroar. It also adds the mix to the mix, which allows you to boost your fighter status. You can unlock them through the Spirit Board or by completing the new story mode, World of Light. There's a big game with a lot going on.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm – December 12

Available on: PC

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What is a chapter of New Releases without a shooter? Insurgency: Sandstorm focuses on reality, which means that its close quarters fight more intensely. It's released on computers this month after earlier delays, and I'll be heading to the next year's consoles.

That reveals New Statements for 2018! We will be back in the new year with a new new line of hot projected games. January brings us great names like Kingdom Hearts 3 and remake Resident Evil 2, so we'll dig out to those when we return in 2019.

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