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This is why Apex Legends takes over


Less than a month ago, Apex Legends was anonymous. Almost three weeks after its release on February 4, she became one of the biggest games in the world. This is why Apex Legends takes over.

The Rebellion of the Battle is OK

The genre fights the royalty battle after games such as Fortnite and PUBG, and to a lesser extent H1Z1, mainstream. Since then it has been unlikely that the game was most discussed, watched and played by a game.

Even in 2019, gamekeepers are hiding for more battle battle options. Then, out of nowhere, Apex Legends came. Respawn and EA's surprise relief, and going to the Royal King's battle market in February have been too incredible. Even EA themselves would not have expected the title to gain popularity that is as fast as it's.

Apex Legends has been hitting straight away.

The game is still in its relative infants, but if its early days are something to judge, it will be around for a long time to come. Apex developers produced an enthusiastic and enjoyable experience of BR from the first day, and all the difference was made in the world.

Free to Play

What is the ideal price of a game? Of course, the answer to that is: free of charge.

The first free play model was introduced in the late 1990s, most notably in the multiple multiple online genre (MMO). It has recently been very successful with Fortnite and now, Apex Legends.

The idea behind play is free of charge. First, most calculators are counting, which are essential for the dwindle numbers. Second, he makes the game available as possible. Revenue is generated by purchases in the game. In Fortnite and Apex Legends, these tend to be cosmetic items.

This Apex Legends strategy is different from PUBG and Blackout. Both maintain the traditional model of having to buy the game, although PUBG is much cheaper than the average AAA title.

Notably, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 cost $ 60 after release, while PUBG is $ 30. Despite this, Blackout games are still filled with players, which certifies which Well, Treyarch is doing developing the first way of the Royale Battle of CoD.

Apex Legends is still more proof that the free-to-play model works.


Video game companies are still trying to create a perfect royal battle game. In many, Apex Legends has become the closest to date.

Perfectly, theoretically, is an impossible task as it will not be possible for you to play all gamers. Some prefer to play fast games, while others prefer a more realistic experience. Moreover, they want these in varying degrees.

With that he said, the speed of the gameplay, designing mapping and shoot mechanisms Apex Legends could combine to find a sweet spot among royale battle players.

There are additional features such as respaon beacons, legends and even finers but have added to the key that is Apex Legends. Ask a clear player what size their main character means to them, and you will understand the connection between a player and a legend.

EA to Respawn

Electronic Arts (EA) is the publisher of Apex Legends. Even marginal video players will know who they are because they are among the most notable publishers out and have a lot of resources.

Apex Legends has some serious support behind them, and he is sure to accept more of it continues to thrive. Having an EA on their side involves removing within the video game industry, money for advertising and money that most developers want.

Respawn, the developers for Apex Legends, has also done anxious job in making the game. They have avoided many of the mistakes that other developers, including EA themselves, have done in recent years, meaning they have kept community support.

Streamer Support

Although Apex Legends is the hottest thing in the world of gambling at the moment, it also has plenty of popular streamers that play it – the perfect ad.

Streamers command millions of followers around the world. Simply, if many great streamers play your game, you're in a good position.

Twitch metrics show the great popularity of Apex Legends in February. Currently he is proud of the best average viewers per stream and has had the highest concurrent viewers, extending over 650,000.

He still gets to Fortnite for the most streaming game that is not too surprising. Interestingly, he also traces the League of Legends (LoL) for most hours watching a game. However, this can be attributed to the leading competing league to LoL in February.

The popularity of Apex Legends has resulted in hosting a number of tournaments for the game. These have included Red Red Encoders and Twitch, bringing a large number of viewers in.

With some like Dr Disrespect, Ninja, summit1g, sroug and much more singing Apex Legends' compliments, it's hard to see it fails at any time soon.


Many of the world's largest streamers have been pouring time to Apex Legends.

Comparisons to Fortnite, Blackout and PUBG

In terms of hype, there is no doubt that Apex Legends is leading the way. The Royal Titanfall-esque Royal Fight experience has the obvious advantage of being the most recent player to the board.

Once this initial honeymoon step subscribes, it will be clearer where it stands among others in the fronel battle of Fortnite, Blackout and PUBG.

Due to the unique Apex Legend map, time to kill and play a new look, it is difficult to offer a direct comparison against its main competitors.

Respawn appears to have targeted middle ground in the installation and speed of the game, while refining some of the most tired parts of the King's battle genre. Add the fact that you can choose a character with a special set of skills, and it quickly starts to feel very different.

A perfect example of tackling problems within the king's battle matches is the new concept for rehabilitation (Not confused with Respawn the developer). Unfortunately, royale battle games – if you're dead, you're waiting for the next game before you return to the work. However, Apex Legends offers an opportunity to have a team team back in the game by taking their card to one of several recovery points.

From all the big battlefield games at the moment, Fortnite and PUBG are likely to be different from the largest. One graphic is similar to a cartoon, quickly and does not worry about reality. In contrast, PUBG is mainly a slow, fragile fragile experience that has been played in huge maps with an emphasis on realistic guns.

Naturally, Apex Legends had been developing for a long time before it was released and so there are two games that could be a yard stick. Looking at elements such as graphics, speed of the game, gun games and even the number of pools, they seem to try to enclose the best of both.

Very similar to Call of Duty: Blackout, Apex Legends has had the opportunity to see how Fortnite and PUBG have played out in public perception.

Treyarch also had the opportunity to analyze battle and match previous game games accordingly. Blackout argues that the game has been a royal breed game so far, especially at comfort, and which hosts incredible premium feelings of CoD shooting mechanics.

Although Apex Legends, such as CoD, has gone to middle ground where speed and gun play are worrying, it has found a gap in the battle in the king by introducing a futuristic world where there is time to kill the highest we have seen.

Elsewhere, Fortnite continues to keep its fan base with an interest in regular updates. However, in terms of raw gameplay, it looks like Apex Legends and Blackout have passed it in the light of many fans.

Apex Legends Numbers

Nothing proves the success of Apex Legends more than the stunning statistics that it can boast. These range from social media followers, Reddit subscribers and most importantly accountants count within the game itself.

The mysterious announcement flow, the use of mainstream and personalities, and community interaction by the developers made for the perfect marketing campaign during the days and early weeks of the game.


The official Twitter Apex Legends the account has gone from just over 727,000 followers in February alone. To put that in perspective, the Official PUBG Twitter He has less than doubled it but it was done in April 2016.

@PlayApex Twitter followers courtesy of Social Blade


Elsewhere, the official Apex Legends Subreddit is also thriving. It has more than 500,000 subscribers and shows a few signs of slowdown.

Developers regularly respond to members of the community on Reddit, drawing a leaflet out of the Epic Games books and the way they have dealt with the community of Fortnite.

Player Accountant

However, as with any game, a player account is a king. In any multi-player game, especially a royale battle, a big player count to reduce the waiting times to a minimum.

It was confirmed that 25 million unique players had gone to King's Canyon. Furthermore, here is the number released from February 13. As a result, it is not unreasonable to assume that the actual number exceeds this by a significant amount as we go to March. There were also 2 million concurrent positive players.

As this number comes from the official sources of Apex Legends, it is safe to assume that this is across all platforms, however.

Although there is no real say where Apex Legends could be in the days, weeks and next months, it is clear that Respawn is winning a real winner on their hands for the time being.

The real test will be that it can avoid the risks made by Fortnite and PUBG by finding a balance between their casual and competitive communities.

For the time being, nevertheless, there has never been a better time to be a champion of the King's battle.

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