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There are Netflix's For All The Boys I Have Before Before; After Verified Official


Netflix I'm all the boys I've loved before; | Photo by Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix

More Peter Kavinsky comes on our way!

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Actors come back to Netflix after announcing their romantic summer comedy hit For All The Boys I Have Love Before get sequencing.

Excuse me while I'm doing my good heart!

The actors announced the news on Instagram

The incredible Netflix movie sequence has started to produce officially and supporters can not wait to see what this arrangement is to submit.

To officially announce the news expected, stars Noah Centineo who tapped Lana Condor just into them TATBILB characters and gave one kind of announcement to fans.

Condor is seen lying on his bed coming up with some Christmas presents ideas for his co-stars. Then, Centineo calls Condor on FaceTime before they reveal their little secret with each other.

"By the way, if we want to do this, we will need a new contract," says Condor to Centineo, who responded with his "Woah, woah, woah!" Signature

Then, Condor reveals the news, "I'm so excited, it's official official! We are doing the For all the boys sequence! "she said excited as Centineo agreed:" Come on the sequence! "

TATBILB is a favorite fan

Once the "cat out of the bag", fans of the movie were very much expected.

As Condor talks to Centineo, the actor receives a phone call that comes in by another unveiled actor again. Secondly into the phone call, Condor excuses, "You make the perfect John Ambrose!"

For any of you who do not know who is John Ambrose, he is one of Lara Jean's childhood friends (Condor's character in the movie) and receives one of multiple love letters.

The movie sings around Lara Jean, a secondary school girl who writes love letters to her boys she has once loved. Lara Jean keeps this letter hidden, that is until the letters have been sent out, which forces Lara Jean to become clean for her once-for-one feeling.

For All The Boys I Have Love Before We've been shocked when John Ambrose McClaren, one of Lara Jean's childhood fighting, shows on his front door with a letter and a bucket of flowers on hand at the end of the film.

Talk about an outline!

True supporters already know about the return of John Ambrose McClaren

Do not want to spoil any embarrassing details but if this sequence follows along with the events that occur in the second book of the For All The Boys I Have Love Before triolet, P.S. I'll love you, then McClaren is committed to being a lover of interest to Lara Jean, as she starts a relationship with Peter Kavinsky who is worthwhile.

Will this new relationship be tested by Lara Jean and Peter? Ahh the pour.

No official word when movie is released

With the cast recently announcing that the movie goes, we can guess that the next installment of For All The Boys I Have Love Before most likely to be another favorite movie of a fan.

No further details about the movie have been released but once filming has wrapped, we'll be sure to hear a lot more about this expected movie.

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