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When he started pushing into Avengers: Infinity WarHulk failed to show up after taking Tanos early in the movie, the type it usually gives to bad people. As far as Bruce Banner had wanted Hulk to take over in New York and Wakanda, the green monster did not want any of it. However, we know of toy discharges that Hulk will not appear in them End up me, but it will make it a much better and scary version of what we have seen so far – a mix between the monster and the Banner, Professor Hulk. End up me Surely everything will come on April 26th, but so far we have two interesting Hulk hypotheses for you to consider.

We're rarely mixing different theories of a fan Avengers 4, but it seems that two Reddit users focus on two different aspects of the Hulk, and they make even more sense as you connect them. We will start with Hulk's absence in Aberystwyth Infinity War, namely Redditor Chrispy609 Believe it happened because of Doctor Strange.

I said over and above that Doctor Strange is the MCU timeline architect that we are about to see play out, and I told you everything that happened Infinity War because Strange wants her to happen that way. Strange did not stop a Star Lord from waking up Thanos up just as they got rid of her, and he gave her life to make sure Iron Man survived Ant-Man goes to Quantum Reality. And Strange may have caused other things to happen in the past for the Avengers to reach this particular point. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to assume Strange also interfere with Hulk.

The Redditor says Strange did not want Hulk to affect the result of any of the battles that he might have been involved. So Strange may have gone to Sakaar while Hulk is there and convinced him not to show up if he ever returned to the Earth:

Evidence – although hard evidence is not, Ragnarok makes it clear, when Hulk is driving, there is a Banner in the trunk road. I think Dr Strange sees Hulk's strategic importance to the mission and resolves the situation while Hulk is running two years. Also, he may have told Loki while on Sakaar to take the Tesseract and put it over. The way Strange and Loki gave up the stone was very similar.

Remember that Hulk is a child practicable Thor: Ragnarok, and Strange would be able to handle it easily. The theory also says that, while on Sakaar, Strange may have told Loki to get up the Tesseract. And this is because Strange is necessary to ensure that Thanos catches all the stones so that he can eventually be defeated.

Let's not forget that Infinity War, Heimdall Hulk sent back to Sanctum Sanctorum in New York everywhere, where Strange is. Did an accident or Doctor Strange happen? Was there some trigger for Hulk? That's something the theory does not say.

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But there is a second Redditor, StripplefitzParty, who believes he is another dragon that will transform Banner and Hulk at Professor Hulk End up me.

That's the One One, of course, that Banner could come to a meeting as he went back in time. Mark Ruffalo already confirmed that he worked with Tilda Swinton on the set. Whenever they end when they go back in time, there's probably The Ancient One to be the Supreme Smile:

Almost all theories / discharges for A4 have indicated that traveling time will take place, and one is very interesting that Bruce goes back in time with other Avengers, while others try to perform some time spy , Bruce goes to Santum Santorum to talk to Doctor Strange because he fell through the roof the first time they met Infinity War. However, because at the time of the New York Battle, Doctor Strange had not started his magical tour in Kamar Taj, so Sanctum would be protected by another promoter and would probably take Bruce to & # 39; r Ancient after having heard his information.

It would be here that the Antiquity learns not only about the acts of Thanos and the Mission for the Avengers but also about the state of Bruce and that some magical therapy binds both spiritual forms from Hulk and Bruce with each other so they can work together as a physical one.

It would make perfect suicide for two suicides to affect the evolution of the Banner and Hulk, but we will have to wait until April 26 to see if the other one or the other These theories disappear.

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