Thursday , May 19 2022

The Sunday morning earthquake felt at Rocky Mountain Village, Alta.


A 4.3 size earthquake was felt near Rocky House in early Sunday morning.

The earthquake happened at 4 a.m. about 30 kilometers northwest of Rocky Mountain House, according to Natural Resources Canada. The earthquake was approximately 10km deep.

No damage was identified. David Eaton, a teacher with the Department of Geoscience at the University of Calgary, only a minor damage – if any – is expected of this earthquake.

However, those living in the area would feel that, he said.

"This is an area that tends to be earthquakes," said Eaton.

"Very well in that zone where you expect people near the epicenter to feel pretty strong."

There are a number of clusters of seismicity in the well-known area and studied in the area around Rocky Mountain House, added Eaton. One was active at the end of the 1980's and began in the 1990's and was associated with the production of Strachan oil pond, he said.

Very well in that zone where you expect people close to the epicenter feel pretty strong.-David Eaton

He could not say what caused the Sunday earthquake.

"An area with a long type of history known to be active is seismic, and it precurses any type of hydraulic operations that have joined in the last five to 10 years," said Eaton .

The Alberta Energy Regulator is aware of the earthquake but Cara Tobin spokesman could not confirm what was associated with an industrial activity.

"Although we can not say completely in any other way at the moment, it's unlikely to be involved," he said. "There are currently no drill or completion activities in the area."

In August 2014, he echoed a 4.3-sized earthquake in a similar location, he added.

Second earthquake in six days

Here is the second earthquake in Alberta within a week.

On March 4, a 4.6-sized earthquake hit four kilometers southwest of Red Deer.

The one-kilometer-deep concentration was "lightly felt" by the residents of Red Deer and Sylvan Lake, according to Natural Resources Canada.

People commented on the social media that dropped temporary power in some areas of Lyn Sylvan.

One living in Downtown Deer Red said she was sleeping at her sofa when she started depressing last week.

"Suddenly, the sofa was shaking and everything moves in my apartment," said Colleen Jesse. "I sit … and I go, & # 39; Is my apartment falling? And I look out the window and there is nothing.

"She was quite scared."

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