Sunday , October 2 2022

The player's mistake leads to the most common Red Drop Reduction 2 ever cut


Red Dead Redemption 2 has already become one of the most commemorative games of the year, but one incredible smoke player finds that Arthur runs through the shoulders where he should be on a horse.

Horses are the main type of transport in Red Dead 2, and one player does not have to walk the Wild West on foot.

Many of the game rings are also on horseback, so if a player is not on their horse for a reason, well, things are interesting.

The clip was posted to Reddit by the user's springfart, who said they had accidentally lost their horse just as a break started.

This leads to Arthur, the main character of the game, amazingly running along all his friends on horseback in what appears to be a sad attempt to catch up.

One of illegal friends even stays to wait for Arthur, as he runs the bow through the snow looks absolutely ridiculous.

There have been some pretty funny clips from Red Dead 2, especially with the online mode being run, but this is the most comical thing to get out of the game so far.

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