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The Ottawa man raised a kid as a sexually assault in the hospice


Danyiel Walker, 41. Source: Facebook


A father of a former patient at Roger House has been accused of sexually assaulting another kid at the hospice and other boys, this newspaper has been learned.

Danyiel James Walker had already been accused of 10 child pornography offenses earlier this year. Those payments, which were set by the police unit and the exploitation of police children in Ottawa on January 30, after the RCMP sent the local police police reports received from a national front line.

Those reports indicated which identifiers claimed that the IP Walker address was used to upload photos and videos of pre-natal pre-natal pre-genre. Researchers responded to the Walker & Placel Road home at the time and were accused by the 41-year-old with four counts with children's pornography, three counts of access to children's pornography and three counts of & # 39; to distribute.

At the time, the police said there were concerns that there were more victims in the Ottawa area and further costs are expected to be installed. Sexual assault and child abuse assaults continue to investigate what is now a separate auditor from a children's pornography inquiry.

Many people came to the police claiming a pattern of sexual abuse after the first set of payments was announced. And this newspaper has learned that a police force in February had received a report claiming that Walker took pictures and sexually assaulted a vulnerable child at the Ty Roger Neilson hospice. The boy had a limited mobility and speech.

This newspaper has also learned that Walker had access to the Smyth Road child hospice services, where children are receiving palliative care for serious illness. The son of Walker, 11, died in November 2015 at home after a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Walker's son was a patient in the hospice before his death. His son's death lists Roger House as one of the places his family wants to receive reminiscents "to support families in our community that rely on their services."

It is not yet known why Walker, as a parent of a former patient, still has access to the hospice, which is based on the East Ontario Children's Hospital. Ty Roger has not returned an application for comments.

A website run by Walker for "online marketing and web design" has been closed for some time. He showed his Twitter account, as recently as November 2018, he interacted with parents who also had children in the hospice.

Walker has two other children.

Police are still tied by having images that they claim to have been connected to Walker. The police also follow the theory that there are other victims of the city and possibly from the hospice.

He was arrested on the new charges, again in police custody and is expected to appear in court Friday for a bail hearing.

The police have raised 37 extra sex offenses, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual intercourse with minors, observing or producing a recording of a naked person, child pollution, displaying their genetic in front of a child, – sexual exploitation

The allegations date back to 2004, with the latest event allegedly occurring this year.

The police said that the payments related to four male victims varied from 6 to 24 year olds.

Walker has never been convicted of any offenses and the one of the allegations against him has not tried at court.

Friday Police reiterated that there could be more victims and urged anyone with information or allegations to call the police on 613-236-1222, est. 5760, or e-mail [email protected]

[email protected]


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