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The Next Surface Laptop may have an AMD processor

With the exception of a few unpopular tablets, all Microsoft Surface devices have so far been powered by Intel processors. But that could change next year.

Brad Sams has just published a book about the history and future of Microsoft's Surface products and, among other things, it contains some tidbits about Microsoft maps for next year.

Sams says that that includes Surface Studio has been updated in 2020, and a refurbished Laptop Surface that launches a year ahead of now – and at least some models are capable Includes AMD chips rather than Intel processors.

It's not clear if that does mean that Microsoft intends to enter AMD, but it's probably the company has not been dissatisfied with how long will Intel take to make the move from 14am to 10am.

Meanwhile, AMD is already working on 7nm chips and the upcoming Surface Laptop may be typical based on the upcoming Zen 2 architecture.

Sams said the Surface Studio set to launch in 2020 could be a modular computer system, such as the Surface Hub 2. Instead of upgrading to a completely new Surface Studio when the processor, memory, or other specifications start to feel & Once dated, you can pull out an old module and reset it with something newer while continuing to use the same display, head, and other accessories.

Other details / predictions by Sams include:

  • A new Surface Book with slimmer bezels and USB-C support comes in C4, 2019.
  • The Microsoft "Andromeda" dual screen device looks like Intel "Tiger Rapids" prototypes and could be shipping at Q4, 2019 … if it's up to date.
  • There is another form of a new "ambiguous" device that could be a smartphone friend Sams says "could help with text input and steering."

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