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The great new wasp species steers the minds of insects – BGR


Fears are painful and sometimes painful for us, but they are even more a problem for insects that they vaccinate. One particularly extraordinary discovery made by insect researchers reveals that a species of wasp that has been discovered in the Amazon basically compresses insects to make its offer.

The research, published in Ecological Entomology, describes how the incredible lifecycle of the species relies on "social" living in groups. First-time insects act as forces for parasitic larvae and, ultimately, as a full time.

The researchers saw the strange relationship of bees and spiders close. First, a female wasp is targeting one of the spiders and eats an egg on the anchorage. Then when the eggs come, the larvae tightens to the spider and feeds from it. This type of parasitic relationship is not unusual in insects, but the wasp takes things a bit further.

Larger does not leave the spider after growing to some point but instead it takes over the body of the pipe, causing it to carry out specific tasks. The maker must leave its colony and build a web cocoon. Then the larvae eats the spider and uses the newly built coconut as its home while it matures into a full wasp, starting again the circle .

"The wast kills the brain and brain behavior completely and does something that he would never do, like leaving his nest and blowing a completely different structure," he said. Samantha Straus, co-author of the research in a statement. "That's very dangerous for these little insects."

The team does not have a great explanation of how the wasp is the sea orders to make its offer but it thinks that there may be something to do with the larvae that affect hormones and soil. Everything is very weird and, if you're a cow, it's absolutely terrible.

Image Source: Philippe Fernandez-Fournier

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