Monday , November 23 2020

The great link between autism and drowning: Aussie Report – Xinhua

SYDNEY, February 24 (Xinhua) – Drowning is the main cause of death among children with great developmental autism disorder, but lack of awareness of the risks involved and other gaps in advice and resources hinders efforts to support & The problem, according to the latest Australian research.

Children with autism are 160 times more likely to drown from compared to other children, either, a tendency for an individual to try to leave responsible care or a safe area, which is a key factor for higher risk , according to a big report by the Autism Swim social enterprise group released on Sunday.

Those with autism can experience difficulties with communication, social interaction and limited or repetitive interests and behaviors, often with the often frequenting sensory issues such as over-productivity or oppression to sounds, smells or touch, by the group.

One of every 70 Australians affects the condition and it's called an "emergency public health concern," he said.

"Water activities such as visiting the beach or swimming in a pool play a significant role in the iconic culture of Australia and families with children with disabilities identifying swimming as their most popular physical activity and favorite general activity," said the group , but it has also been "a lack of serious specialist training" for autism and waters.

In addition to parents and carers, "there is a very limited community-wide awareness" about the condition, the attraction to water and behavior disappeared, according to the report. Education for schools, first responders, healthcare providers and community members about veterinary behavior related to autism could "really improve", he said.

That also includes more training for swimming coaches to effectively educate water safety and other essential students' skills, the group said.

The mission is to ensure that parents, donors of care, members of the community and aquatic professionals have the necessary knowledge and practical skills on everything that involves slipping and dropping. Enditem

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