Thursday , September 29 2022

The ethics protection body was concerned that the Scheer office advises an MP to cross a code


The federal ethics guard says he is concerned that the office of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer urges Tory MP to cross the conflicts code for members of the House of Commons.

In a written ruling on Tuesday, Mario Dion says that the Conservative MP of Calgary, Stephanie Kusie, had broken the code on last March 29 when she sent a letter on the social media that she had sent the ethics commissioner that day asked him to investigate Raj Grewal, who was a Liberal MP at the time.

Kusie was one of two MPs to ask Dion to investigate whether Grewal was in conflicts of interest when he invited the construction company executive – who paid Grewal for legal services at the time – to official events with Justin Trudeau during the prime minister's journey to India early this year.

Grewal was starting out of the Libyan Caucus last week during debates that he was under a police investigation after racing huge gambling debts.

God says that he does not impose any penalty on Kusie because she has posted her ethics weed on the Advice of the Collision Leader Office (the "OLO" in Parliament Hill jargon).

Indeed, Dion suggests that it was disturbing by the attitude of the cavalier that Scheer staff took towards a rule to prevent the disclosure of an ethics complaint against MP until that AS was notified.

Under the code, an MP requesting an ethics investigation is excluded from making any public comments on the matter until the commissioner confirms that the subject of the investigation has received a copy of the complaint, or 14 day after the application has been made, whichever is earlier.

He says that the first Scheer office puts Kusie's letter to the National Post, several hours before the commissioner received it, and then urged him to be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

"I am concerned that Mrs. Kusie has received information and advice from the OLO urging her to make public comments once OLO has made his application in public as this clearly encourages it to break a provision of & # 39 ; r cod, "he said.

& # 39; Error in opinion & # 39;

Dion said that the Scheer office had urged Kusie to post his letter, although he knew that other MPs – including Scheer himself – had run a long way from the code before revealing their requests for inquiries soon. He says, in January 2017, that the leader had to apologize for the public's comments for a request for an investigation into Prime Minister's behavior, Justin Trudeau.

Yet, God said that Kusie and his assistant told him when they were dealing with the Scheer office on the matter, "they had never been told about past events including other members but were encouraged to post on the social media. "

Only after Dion knew Kusie a week later he could have broken the code that the leader's staff talked about these past events.

And even then, Dion says to Kusie by his assistant to summarize advice from the leader's office in this way: "Staff in OLO did not believe that the commissioner's concerns were very large & # 39; have indicated that other members have been reminded and have sought approval to discharge the letter (Mrs. Kusie) confirming that the ethics commissioner is actually investigating i Grewal. & # 39; "

In addition, the leader's staff offered to get the National Post to correct his March 29 story to erase a reference to Kusie sharing his letter to the ethics commissioner with the newspaper. Post updated his story on April 5, stating that he was receiving a copy of the letter by "a member of the Conservative staff."

God says that Kusie is contrary to the code "a mistake in a judgment made in good faith" and on the advice of the office and the leader and as a result he recommends that no penalties are imposed.

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