Thursday , August 18 2022

The condition of the father of Syria's refugees injured in the dead fire of Halifax is improving


Ebraheim Barho, 39, with Kawthar's wife and seven children after arriving in Canada on 29th September, 2017, is shown at Halifax airport.

Pat Healey / Canadian Press

As federal government officials began to work to re-integrate a pair of traumatic Syrian immigrants with a family living abroad, the condition of a father who was seriously burned in trying to rescue his seven children from home fire Halifax who died on Thursday.

Ebraheim Barho, 39, remained unconscious in a medically motivated coma but was upgraded to a "critical but stable state" at the hospital, according to Natalie Horne, vice president of a group of citizens who helped Mr Barho and, for a family to migrate to the region in 2017.

Ms. Horne and other members of the group were staying close to the family and watched at Halifax hospital that Mr Barho and his wife, Kawthar, were taken to start Tuesday morning. Mr Barho has been fighting for his life from injuries carried out when he went back to the burning home, a three bedroom rent to try to restore his children.

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Ms. Bury, 30, suspended during the fire by neighbors determined to keep it safe, has been released. But she's staying in hospital with her husband.

"He does not have any injuries, apart from his heart," said his friend Norma MacIntyre.

All of the couple's seven children – Abdullah, Rana, Hala, Ola, Mohamad, Rola and Ahmad, ranged from four months to 14 years old – died in the fire. They do not have any other family in Canada.

Stuffed flowers and toys memorize outside the remains of the house's car in the Spryfield community in Halifax on February 20, 2019.

Darren Calabrese / The Canadian Press

"We're looking at what can be done within our system to give this family a few reasons in a period of incredible tragedy," said Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on a day Thursday.

MP Liberal Halifax, Andy Fillmore, said that immigration applications for a number of members of the family were complete. Federal authorities can facilitate applications in "life situations and death", he said.

Funeral plans for the children of Barho have definitely been set for Saturdays although an examiner's medical investigation to death causes continues. Ms Horne said there are hopes high that some members of the overseas family will get to support Ms. Bring before the service.

Ms Barho has told her friends, including Ms. Bake, she thinks that the fire could have started with a baseboard heater, which had located behind a sofa in the family's open idea room. Ms. came Baking over the fire soon after midnight on Tuesday when she came from bed to get baby milk. She heard about her husband, who started trying to go away to save the children while the fire went into bedrooms on the bedroom.

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Smoke detectors' status at 33 Quartz Drive is not clear.

The Globe and the Post have made occasional but unsuccessful attempts to contact homeowners and builders since Tuesday.

Jim Kehoe, leading businessman and developer of Cape Breton, is listed on title documents as the owner of the property. From Wednesday, the rented house was listed on March 1 at $ 1,500 per month by Picket Fence Homes, a well-known Halifax home builder and one of the companies. Kehoe owns it.

No calls and multiple messages sent to Pickens Fence employees, including the chief Robert Kraitzek were returned.

Two sections of legislation control fire safety requirements in Nova Scotia. The province Fire Safety Act requires smoke alarms on each story with a bedroom – although there is no one on the floors with no bedrooms – although building codes require newly built houses to have smoke alarms on each floor and in each bedroom, Matt Covey, the main Halifax Regional Fire Prevention fire division.

Mr Covey said final construction inspections involving fire safety checks were carried out on all new homes before taking possession.

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Erin DiCarlo, a Halifax borough spokesman confirmed that occupancy permits in Halifax have not been approved until required checks have been completed. However, she said she could not answer questions about whether inspections had been completed on the Barhos rented house.

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