Wednesday , March 3 2021

The Canadian Post Union presses on options after legislation goes back to the work to go

Canadian postal workers across the country go back to work after Senedd passed legislation on Monday, up to five weeks of rotational strikes.

A post service is expected to start at Midnight noon on Tuesday but the union's executive committee meets to decide whether the legislation should be fought at the moment.

Canada Post Workers Union Union (CUPW), Toronto, Megan Whitfield, told CityNews that the union had been blocking entrances to distribution facilities for 10 p.m. on Monday.

The government believed that the bill was going short because of the economic impact of permanent post impairments during a busy Christmas holiday season.

Latest figures suggest that more than 500 tractor post loads are caught up in car parking at Canadian Post facilities.

The union announced a statement stating that it "investigated all options to fight the contingency legislation," saying that post workers are scared and disruptive.

Discussions have been underway for almost a year, but the dispute has increased more recently when CUPW members launched the October 22 rotation strikes.

Walking has resulted in post backups and parcel supplies in the domination of Crown corporation plants in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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